Wednesday, April 27, 2011

wordless wednesday: :")

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

wordless wednesday: esok jumpa hana!

strings, wooden clips and pictures

the idea was from amymissunderstood.

but since we don't have any pergola walkway at the house like the one in kampung pengantin, i will hang the photos at my mother's pergola.

the wooden clip, already bought 72 pieces of it last month or was it two months back?
same goes to the strings, bought it long time ago.

but i just got our post-engagement photos printed.
tak sempat nak cuci kat eoeonline like i always did.
terkejut tadi bila orang kedai gambar cakap, sekeping gambar 4R 50 sen.
there, at eoeonline, the price is just 35 cents for 4R photo each and with free delivery for orders above rm35 somemore.
nak buat macam mana, no choice, so i proceed je lah with 50 cents per pic.

bila nak hang?
sabtu pagi?

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

must-take wedding shots

i think it would be helpful if i can prepare a list of my must-take wedding photos.
especially with who or what i wanted to be in shots.

nothing worse than realizing that i have no pic with the both sets of parents or with my bridesmaids after the wedding is over.

so this is it, the list of my must-take wedding shots:

getting ready
-preparation shots
-place setting shots (table setting, pelamin, etc.)
-food shots
-the wedding dress
-close-up of dress details
-close-up of bride's shoes
-bride having makeup applied (after put on hijab)
-maid of honor helping the bride arrange her dress, adding the veil, etc.
-bride together with bridesmaids

during ceremony
-guests (arriving, eating, etc.)
-close up of details (guest book, doorgifts, centerpieces, etc.)
-shot of both sets of parents' faces
-bride with her parents
-groom with his parents
-bride & groom with groom's parents
-bride & groom with bride's parents
-bride & groom with both sets of parents
-bride & groom with groom's family
-bride & groom with bride's family
-bride & groom with bride's grandmother
-bride with maid of honor
-bride with bridesmaids
-groom with bestman
-groom with groomsmen

other than these, shots like bride & groom eating, cake cutting, bride & groom feeding each other, parents' speech, macam biasalah.

the list can be a great guide for my official photographer too, no?

with the flowergirl

Thursday, April 14, 2011

kenduri centerpieces - done



i know.. the kenduri centerpieces are nothing like ones i've planned or were in my head before (below pic).

but, considering the cost and time, that's the best that i can have.

personally, i prefer the glass-type over that english-style vases.
but the glass type may be too fragile for others to handle.
well, we all know Murphy's law, no?
if something can go wrong, it probably will.
so why take the risk?

i chose english-style vases because of their vintage-ness.
the theme for the kenduri will be "modern vintage", remember?

ohhh i'm so tired and sleepy.

will sleep early tonight.
early = 12am.
because normally i sleep at 2 or 3am.. or err 6am.

i am free from pimples for more than a month but today i can feel bumps at a few spots on my face.
you know, not pimples but most probably soon-to-be pimples.

so, i must go to bed early in order to get my beauty sleep.

shuh2 go, i don't need you pimples.
not at this critical time.


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

nikah centerpieces - done

i wrote once about centerpieces idea in this entry.

for nikah centerpieces, initial plan was to have something like this.

candle in a glass, mirror under the candle to amplify the glow and flower petals around the glass.

but instead of a glass, i use a normal candle holder (sebab murah dan confirm tahan panas).
so here what i bought the other day, 30 pieces of candle holders, and of course, candles.

they looked a little bit boring and dull, no?
so i upgrade them a little, and this is the outcome after 2 hours of hard work.

i will not put mirrors under the candles in order to minimize the cost.
and about the flower petals idea, i am still considering it.
whether to put or not and let them be at their simplest state.

what say you?

wordless wednesday: timah jr.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

bunga pahar project - done

dila, saz and aini (+hannah) came over to my house last friday to help me with my never-ending bunga pahar project.
saz had to go to damansara first to collect her wedding album before picking up aini and hannah at putrajaya.
so they arrived at my house quite late, at about 1130pm.
they brought some foods for me, it was from burger king.
dila got meeting that night, so she also came very late, at about 1230am.

after having our 'dinner', we started our project.
at first, we lack of momentum and progression was a bit slow.
i need to explain first, what to do, where to glue, etc.
saz as usual is a quick learner.
and she has got creative hands, so it was not a problem for her to master the steps.
dila and aini got some problems doing complicated steps, so they were assigned easier tasks.

after we completed the first bunga pahar (50 of them), there came the momentum.
things got a lot easier since everybody had mastered their tasks.

aini gave up (sleepy and hannah was cranky) at 4am.
followed by dila at 5am.
me and saz managed to finish them off at about 6am, alhamdulillah.

so, here it is, one of the bunga pahar.

thanks so much to my BFFs for spending their time for me.
two of them are married and have kid(s) somemore.
they chose me over their husbands haha, pity husbands.

now the bunga pahar project is over, i feel so much relieved.
i can't express it by words, but i feel so happy.
i started this project the earliest, but i gave up halfway through.
it is so complex that i lost my interest to continue the project but i know that i have no choice.
it was me who decided to make this complicated type of bunga pahar, so i have to deal with it no matter how.

this type of bunga pahar normally are selling at more than rm50/piece, meaning more than rm5000 for 100 pieces.
as for this project, the cost price for raw materials are less than rm10/piece.

the design was 100% my design, i didn't follow any sample since i didn't find anything that i like in the market to duplicate.
but i was inspired by ieja's bunga pahar for at-hotel reception.
they were made by lynda rahim.
the design was different actually because kak lynda used crystals for the flowers and i was using dip flowers.
but i was inspired by the complicated-ness of the bunga pahar.
the bunga pahar was so special, rare and exclusive, so that was also the objective of my bunga pahar project.

my bunga pahar - special, rare and exclusive.

alhamdulillah, thank you Allah.

p/s thanks to bibik-bibik too sebab tolong pintal2 dawai

can't sleep, hence wedding wish list

it's nearly 5am in the morning, i don't know why, but i can't sleep.
and sadly, i did nothing the whole night.
wedding is just less than 2 weeks away.
i haven't finished with the hantaran yet.
and supposedly, i have to start with the stairs decoration by now.
but i'm in no mood of those things tonight.
i just feel like resting.
goshh i should have sleep and not playing around!

worse thing worst, the lecture will start on wednesday which is tomorrow!
luckily my classes will be on wednesday and thursday.
so i think i will have enough cuti kahwin after the wedding.
2 days are enough, no?
but it's so uncool that i haven't finished with the students' lecture notes yet.
so i guess tomorrow i'll keep myself busy finishing the lecture notes, lecture slides and whatnot.

spa is doing fine.
alhamdulillah i have trustable staffs which i can rely on.
i kept sms-ing them saying that i'm sorry if i'm neglecting them as i'm too busy with the wedding things, ohh i feel bad.
so glad that they are okay with that.
kindly visit the spa, it operates as usual.

ppl start asking me what should they get as wedding gifts.
seriously i don't have any idea.
but i can give you some hints here.

you can never go wrong with useful things that can make my life easier.
i don't like things that are not practical and useful.
i'm a virgo, remember?
so if you don't know what to buy as the wedding present, just choose anything that might be useful for me, eh for us.
anything, from plasma tv, juice maker, coffee machine, bedside lamps, ceiling lamps, perfumes or air purifier to small gifts such as towels, satin robes, reed diffuser, door mat, candles, decoration pillows, clock, couple mugs or curtain clips.

more hints, i love anything beautiful.
and i like to keep things as simplest as they can.
or if not, something extravagant.
i don't like things in between simple and extravagant.
i mentioned once before, "do the best, or do nothing at all".
in this case, keep it simple or make it excessively elaborate.

moreover, if you've got to choose between graphical and plain ones, go for plains.
i myself tend to choose plain over graphical goods.
in terms of colors, i'm okay with both pastel and bright colors.

i'm into classic things or patterns.
and i'd prefer satins than cottons (except for clothes).
i love laces, ribbons, beads and stones.
and i'd appreciate vintage goods.

hmm so now it's 515am.
seriously, i need to get some sleep.
nite, lovelies.
wishing you guys all the happiness.

Friday, April 8, 2011

wet cough dry cough

i had constant headaches since months back.
and i think it was a migraine.
sometimes it was so major and lasted for days.
so bad that painkillers seemed to do nothing.
after a few months, it came with a package - sore throat, cough, flu, you name it.
but now i got a lot better.
no more sore throat and massive headaches at night.

but.. the cough is still there.
it used to be a wet cough but this time it has turned to be a dry one.
everytime i breath in, i feel like there's something irritates my throat and makes me cough.
i'm actually okay with it until my bibik said "macammana ni nanti pengantin dok batuk2 je".

okay, so now i think i really need to do something.

any advice?

Monday, April 4, 2011

spa session with the MOH

last friday, i went to eve de beaute, the strand, kota damansara for a spa session with my MOH.

thanks to dila anuar for taking a half day off (again) from work to accompany me.

i've been to several spas before and i must say that this is among the best experience so far.

it was really nice - nice companion, nice modern interior deco, nice therapists, nice experience, nice everything.

at first, dila and i were separated into two different rooms.
the session started with a relaxing body scrub and then followed by a warm jacuzzi bath.
so nice, i feel like sleeping in that bath tub.

then, we were reunited again in the same room for a hot stone treatment and a whole body aromatherapy massage.
to tell you the truth, that is the first time i buat hot stone treatment.
never tried it before since i thought it is just a simple treatment where the therapist will put some hot stones on your back and that's all.
i just knew that the treatment involves some back massage using hot stones!
just imagine a guasa massage, but this time the 'tools' are warm.
awww sangat best and i love it so much!
and for the aromatherapy massage, i like the massage oil that they used.
it smelled so wangi and made me relax like never before.

this is the first spa experience for dila.
i hope she liked it just like me love it.
and thanks so much to dila for the ride.

after we finished our spa sessions, we went to the nearest masjid to perform zuhur.
then, dila brought me to a restaurant in ttdi.
it was santai restaurant.
the foods semua sedap i tell you.
orang pun masyaAllah so ramai and dila said memang all the time pelanggan ramai macam tu.

and that night she helped me with my bunga dip.
we slept quite late (very late for her, i think) and alhamdulillah we managed to finish them all.
thanks so much to dila for helping me finishing the celup2 work.

i guess, i chose the right person to be my MOH.
so i am a happy bride-to-be here.

doa khatam alQuran

Dengan Nama Allah yg Maha Pemurah lagi Maha Penyayang..

Segala puji bagi Allah, Tuhan semesta alam sebagai pujian daripada orang yang bersyukur dan kesudahan yang baik bagi orang bertaqwa. Solat dan salam ke atas Rasul kami, Nabi Muhammad s.a.w. dan ke atas ahli keluarga dan sekalian para sahabatnya.

Ya Allah, Ya Tuhan kami! Rahmatilah kami dengan Al-Quran dan jadikanlah Al-Quran sebagai pemimpin (imam), cahaya, petunjuk dan rahmat bagi kami. Ya Allah, Ya Tuhan kami! Ingatkanlah kami apa yang kami terlupa daripada ayat-ayat Al-Quran. Ajarkanlah kami daripada Al-Quran apa yang belum kami ketahui. Berikanlah kami kemampuan agar dapat membacanya sepanjang malam dan siang; dan jadikanlah Al-Quran itu perisai kami (untuk menyelamatkan kami di akhirat), wahai Tuhan Sekalian Alam.

Ya Allah, Ya Tuhan kami! Perbaikilah agama kami yang merupakan pengawal urusan kami. Perbaikilah dunia kami yang merupakan tempat hidup kami. Perbaikilah akhirat kami yang merupakan tempat kembali kami; dan jadikanlah kehidupan ini sebagai tambahan dalam setiap kebaikan, serta jadikanlah kematian sebagai istirahat bagi kami daripada segala kejahatan.

Ya Allah, Ya Tuhan kami! Jadikanlah sebaik-baik umur kami pada penghujungnya, sebaik-baik amal pada penyudahannya dan sebaik-baik hari kami hari bertemu dengan-Mu.

Ya Allah, ya Tuhan kami! Kami memohon kepada-Mu kehidupan yang tenang, kematian dalam kebenaran dan tempat kembali yang tidak terhina lagi buruk keadaannya.

Ya Allah, Ya Tuhan kami! Kami memohon kepada-Mu sebaik-baik permohonan, sebaik-baik doa, sebaik-baik kejayaan, sebaik-baik ilmu, sebaik-baik amal, sebaik-baik ganjaran, sebaik-baik kehidupan, sebaik-baik kematian. Tetapkanlah (kaki kami di atas sirat-Mu) serta beratkanlah timbangan kami. Perkuatkanlah iman kami dan tingkatkanlah darjat kami serta terimalah solat serta amalan kami. Ampunkanlah kesalahan-kesalahan kami dan kami memohon kepada-Mu tempat tertinggi dari syurga-Mu.

Ya Allah, Ya Tuhan kami! Kami memohon kepada-Mu apa-apa yang mewajibkan rahmat-Mu, juga apa-apa yang memastikan keampunan-Mu, keselamatan daripada segala dosa, keuntungan daripada segala kebaikan, kemenangan dengan syurga dan pelepasan daripada api neraka.

Ya Allah, Ya Tuhan kami! Perbaikilah akibat dari setiap urusan kami, hindarkanlah kami daripada kehinaan dunia dan azab akhirat.

Ya Allah, Ya Tuhan kami! Kurniakanlah kami rasa takut kepada-Mu, agar dengannya dapat menghalang kami dari melakukan maksiat, kurniakanlah kami ketaatan kepada-Mu, agar dengannya akan mendekatkan kami dengan syurga-Mu, kurniakanlah kami keyakinan yang dapat meringankan musibah dunia yang menimpa kami, berikanlah kami nikmat pendengaran, penglihatan dan kekuatan, selama Engkau masih berikan kehidupan buat kami, dan jadikanlah semua itu warisan kami, bantulah kami dalam menghadapi musuh-musuh kami, janganlah Engkau timpakan musibah dalam agama kami, janganlah Engkau jadikan dunia ini tujuan utama kami, jangan pula Engkau menilai pengetahuan kami serta janganlah Engkau jadikan orang yang tidak mempunyai rasa belas kasihan kepada kami menjadi pemimpin kami.

Ya Allah, Ya Tuhan kami! Jangan Engkau biarkan kami melakukan sebarang dosa melainkan Engkau mengampunkannya, jangan biarkan kami dalam kebuntuan melainkan Engkau melapangkannya, jangan biarkan kami mempunyai hutang piutang melainkan Engkau (berikan jalan untuk) menyelesaikannya dan jangan ada sebarang hajat dunia mahupun akhirat melainkan Engkau menyempurnakannya, wahai Tuhan Yang Maha Penyayang antara yang penyayang.

Wahai Tuhan kami! Kurniakanlah kami kebaikan di dunia dan kebaikan di akhirat dan lindungilah kami daripada azab neraka.

Selawat dan salam yang tidak terhingga ke atas Nabi Muhammad s.a.w. dan ke atas keluarganya serta para sahabat yang terpilih.

Segala puji bagi Allah, Tuhan semesta alam.

p/s hihi doa arab pendek je, doa panjang baca doa melayu :)

Friday, April 1, 2011

square macarons?

comel kan kan?

and nope, they are NOT square macarons.
they can't be eaten because they aren't food.

they are "pillows" for my hantaran arrangements, remember?
ceh mestilah ingat baru je kot entry hantaran tu hihi.

dying of cuteness!

dying of cuteness overload!

ohh okay.
sebelum berjerawat je geram :(