Wednesday, April 13, 2011

nikah centerpieces - done

i wrote once about centerpieces idea in this entry.

for nikah centerpieces, initial plan was to have something like this.

candle in a glass, mirror under the candle to amplify the glow and flower petals around the glass.

but instead of a glass, i use a normal candle holder (sebab murah dan confirm tahan panas).
so here what i bought the other day, 30 pieces of candle holders, and of course, candles.

they looked a little bit boring and dull, no?
so i upgrade them a little, and this is the outcome after 2 hours of hard work.

i will not put mirrors under the candles in order to minimize the cost.
and about the flower petals idea, i am still considering it.
whether to put or not and let them be at their simplest state.

what say you?


~ US *_* ~ said...

ltk kain satin ok?sng sikit tinggal ltk,gebu2 kn sikit je..hihi tp nnt lame2 jd comot kot eh.erm xkretip la

white purple flower said...

tahla.tak kot.sbb kompem jadi comot nnt.ala lilin pun masa awal2 utk photog nak amek gamba je cantek.

sazzy said...

cah aku sangat suke lilin ini cantekkk!!!

(ala nak buat pelamin nikah dgn pelamin kawin :( )

white purple flower said...

ala kecik je lilin ni.

pelamin aku simple dimple je.takde ape pun nak buat.