Thursday, January 3, 2013

i shall now go off and cry in a corner...

as you can see, there is no new update to this blog for some time.
actually, I accidentally lost a large amount of my photos in picasaweb, which were linked to this blog.
i didn't know that blogger used picasaweb as their picture hosting service.
this happened when they synchronized my picasaweb albums with my Google+ albums & with my so called smartphone!!

a few months back, my phone's SD card gone damaged.
anyway, this had happened twice already!
so all pictures in my handphone are gone.. gone!
new pics taken by the hp camera, well, that's one thing.
but all pictures in my blog? ssk, that's really something!

i lost years of memories down the drain...
i shall now go off and cry in a corner...

sobs sobs..

p/s: if anyone of you know how to retrieve the deleted pictures, please let me know.....