Thursday, October 28, 2010

my last job as maid of honour

events that will take place at the end of this year i guess will be my last job as a maid of honour.
it is my BFF wedding!
ieja & unos.

i knew ieja since i was in highschool.
and we were in the same matriculation and also same university.
meaning we were in the same place for 9 years (5 years in school, 1 in maxisegar, 3 in ukm).
so confirm best friend forever punya lah kan.

around june (or was it may) this year, when she asked me whether i'm interested to be her maid of honour for her wedding or not, of course i won't refuse.
2 strong reasons of saying yes - first, i love wedding. and second, i love her.

so last 2 weeks we went to gulatis at SACC to hunt fabrics for pengapitS.
thanks very much to ieja for paying for 15 metres of crepe satin, 1 panel of lace and a metre of lace border.

and i bila dah ada kain mestilah i semangat kan.
already sent the materials to my tailor which scheduled to be picked up on december 1st yeyy!

anyway, these are designs of the dresses which i made myself.

i must keep it very simple (yet sweet) because i just a pengapit, remember?
the 1st pic is for the reception at home and the 2nd one for at-hotel reception.
and i'm still thinking of what to wear for her solemnization.

congratulations, ieja and unos!
aaaa can't wait.

p/s anyone interested for a matron of honour?

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

my thesis, my frenemy

my thesis, my frenemy.
i've a love-hate relationship with my thesis.
and it is completely not of a romantic nature surely.

i'm now in the final process of completing my thesis, writing stage.

why i defined our relationship as a love-hate relationship?
because i think that we have already lost our intimacy.
i used to be very in love with him but now i feel a bit boring and muak to see him everyday.
yet i still retain some passion for him.
or perhaps it is more to commitment i guess.

i'll share with you about my topic.
but not now.
i am busy, i seriously am.

habis waktu rehat. bye.


hampir settle.

engagement outfit
buy fabrics for engagement outfit
design engagement outfit
send fabrics to bridal boutique / designer / tailor
go for an outfit fitting
pick up the engagement outfit
hunt for matching high heels
find a matching scarf

where to find nice matching scarf?
and accessories kalau takde takpe tak?

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

preparation in progress!

my room is a mess.
there are flowers everywhere in the room.
on the floor, on the bed, on the dressing table, everywhere.

i am now in the process of finishing the hantaran arrangements up.
there are 7 trays altogether that need to be completed.

it's fun though tiring.
i only manage to settle 1 tray per day.
and it takes about 2 hours per tray.
update: this 2 hours per tray duration was only valid for the first two trays. masuk tray ketiga i dah jadi expert dan dah laju yah yahh!

malas nak duduk and fokus lama-lama.
sehari sedulang, dengan harapan 7 hari siaplah.

kalau konsisten lah.
update: 4 hari dah siap.

Friday, October 15, 2010

relax while they print for us

i just realize that i still owe my dear readers entries on 'diari syawal aishah'.
diari syawal aishah (part 2) stops at 14th day of raya.
haha maybe later when i don't have anything to do and don't have any idea on what to blog.

speaking of raya, at last i've got all of raya photos with me now from adek.
879 photos altogether.
what a wow.

but i just feel that somethings are lacking somewhere.
i think that it's less fun to look at those pictures on my laptop screen.
it could have been better if i could have them in one big album, kan?

so while the mood was still there, i googled on online photo printing services.
and i found this one nice online photo printing service.
nice in terms of the website is user-friendly enough and the price is wowly reasonable. it is.

eoe online is an online photo portal filled with lots of fun and excitement for users.
not only photo printing services, they also provide some photographic products - e.g. camera, accessories, etc. - available for online shopping.

it's very convenience to get your photo printed without you having to bring along the photos with you in your pendrive or cd to the nearest photo printing outlets.

however, eoe not only operated online, they also have more than 25 physical outlets nationwide (1 utama shopping centre, alamanda putrajaya shopping centre, kl sentral and sunway pyramid shopping centre - just to name a few).
yelah, ppl preferences.
some might prefer going to the physical outlet, no?

what i really like about their service is that to print photos using eoe online doesn't need a lot of hard work.

firstly, all you need to do is register for their online portal of course.
so by registering, you don't need to give your name, address, etc. everytime you wanted to use their service.
after that, you are only steps away before you get your photos printed.

step 1 - you have to choose upload options.
there are ways to upload your photos.
the most convenience is to use their 'photo express software', in my opinion.
or if you feel leceh to download the software, you can upload your photos from 'easy upload' or 'file upload' page.
or if you have online album with them (anyway, you can save your photos safely in an online album they provide), you can just straightly print your photos from there.

step 2 - upload photos.

step 3 - select print size.
photos can be printed into 3r until 12r size and pricing for each size is very clear.

step 4 - finalize your order.
btw, they accept credit card (visa/mastercard) and debit card (maybank2u) payments.
ohh and bank-in too.

and that's it!
you just have to wait for a few days (2-3 days for klang valley) for your photos to arrive at your door step.

and and and.. the best part is they are having promotions now!
ohh i just love promotions, discounts, sales dan adik-beradik mereka.
now you can get your memories printed into hardcopies at rm0.30 per 4r print and rm0.50 per 5r print.
and they provide free delivery for orders above rm35.00.

kemon girls, jangan berlengah lagi!
you’ll get your money worth.
and not forgetting the time you saved for travelling too.
kan kan?

i'm getting engaged uols!

girls, i'm getting engaged!
eh silap, WE are getting engaged.
fy-nah-ly huh.

the next event insyaAllah will take place in about 6 months from there.

i'm not really sure on how i feel.
not that excited.
maybe just a tiny little bit of excitement.

okay no, i'm lying.
it is not that tiny little bit.
maybe i am excited. maybe.

but i'm actually quite surprised on how it feels.
i should have been very excited.
i was expecting for an overly excited me.
not this perasaan biasa-biasa me.

maybe because i've waited for so long.
and been waiting for this for years.

i've so many things in my mind before.
i want this, i want that.
i want this thing to be like this and that thing to be like that.

but now that it is confirmed, i don't know where to start and what's next.
maybe an engagement checklist would be good, no?

so here it is, my engagement checklist.
randomly sorted.

date & time
confirm a date and time that is convenient for us and both sets of parents
decide on theme
prepare the guests list
notify guests about the engagement date
prepare invitation notes for neighbours
distribute the invitation notes
thorough clean the house
buy stuff to be put as hantaran
buy floor runners
decide on theme
buy hantaran decorations
finish up the hantaran
foods & related
decide on menu
book catering services
book for canopy
engagement outfit
buy fabrics for engagement outfit
design engagement outfit
send fabrics to bridal boutique / designer / tailor
go for an outfit fitting
pick up the engagement outfit
hunt for matching high heels
find a matching scarf
send the outfit for a dry clean
pick up the outfit from the laundry shop
survey for makeup artist
book for makeup artist
decide on to give or not to give
if give; decide on what to give, buy and get it ready
photographer & videographer
survey for an official photographer
arrange for an appointment with official photographer
book for an official photographer
decide on who’s going to be the speaker
inform and confirm with the speaker
buy a persalinan of baju melayu for the speaker
mini dais
choose a theme & design
buy material and decorations
do it
hand bouquet
decide on to do-it-myself or to buy-it
if d-i-m; buy flowers and do it
if buy-it; put an order
buy a whitening toothpaste
go for a facial
manicure & pedicure
hair treatment

please tell me if i left or dropped anything behind.

Monday, October 4, 2010

towards the end of my student life

some says: "student life is a golden life. as there is no tension of work, money and anything. a student can bend his life as he or she wishes. no responsibilites. you can dream big dreams and hope that all your wishes will come true. the only thing is determination."

and some says: "student life is one stressful time for all of us. too much of studies, no freedom, worry of future, getting everday lectures, unit tests every month, never ending tuitions. it certainly was not easy, in fact i think it was one of the hardest periods of my life."

for me, it is a combination of both.

project deadlines, research papers, classes, exams - it was a very tiring and stressful process.
eh silap, i kinda enjoy attending classes.
i suka belajar, ye seriously i pelajar yang tekun.
but i don't like doing assignments and being forced to study for exams.

ohh ohh i like the concept of university life in germany.
no assignment, no project, no deadline, no research, no lab report, no everything (except your final year project paper lah, but that was different stories).
and yes, i tak tipu memang benar no lab report walaupun i student engineering (i'm not sure about fachhochschule since i was in a research university previously. i think they are different).
tapi yang sedihnya, 100% evaluation will be based on your exams.
dan itu adalah satu-satunya kesedihan yang melanda.

apart from the stressful-ness, i can say that i love my student life overall - primary school, secondary school, matriculation, ukm, ude, gsb.

but life goes on.
what starts, will finally ends.

it is now towards the end of my student life, i want to thank god and those who made it special (friends, teachers, friends, lecturers, friends, friends).

nak jadi student lagi :(

Friday, October 1, 2010

NLP for entrepreneurial mindset

have you ever heard about NLP?

NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming.
it is a new and growing tools for thinking and decision making.
it is a soft skills - sort of manual for the brain.
and it is a techniques for change.

neurology, language and programming are three most influential components involved in producing human experience.
- neurological system regulates how our bodies function (the biology of thinking process);
- language determines how we interface and communicate with other people; and
- programming determines the kinds of models of the world we create.

i went to a seminar on "NLP for strategic management" last saturday.
obviously, the seminar was compulsory.
yelah kan weekend di bulan syawal baik pergi open house daripada pergi seminar, sigh.

the talk was given by dr. ian halsall, a ukm-gsb senior visiting fellow.
a little background on him, he was with shell, procter & gamble and dupont for 11 years before he became an entrepreneur.
he has 14 years experience in running his own business and currently is an owner of 3 companies.
he is also an author with five books published - mostly on NLP in business.
apart from a senior visiting fellow for ukm-gsb, he is also a visiting lecturer at insead (singapore campus).
ohh anyway, he got his PhD from cambridge and an MBA from Warwick business school.

overall, the talk was interesting and we've learned a few of new knowledge from him.
i said a few of because the talk was basically just like an introduction for NLP.
honestly, that was the 1st time i've ever heard about NLP - never came across that term before.

i will not explain too much on NLP - well, you can google it for more info.
but overall it's about how brain functioning and how to get ppl to follow us, the role of language in persuasion and motivation and the roles of automatic responses and conditioning in ppl.
it's a good skills btw, especially for entrepreneur.

okay meh nak promote ukm-gsb sat.

ukm-gsb is going to organize a program namely "NLP for entrepreneurial mindset" on this coming 26 and 27 october.
the program will be held for 2 days from 10am till 5pm and it will take place in puri pujangga, ukm, bangi.
the fee is rm1600 only (uhuk uhuk, only?) inclusive of course notes, certificate, lunch and refreshments.
the course is HRDF claimable (HRDF = human resources development fund).

for enquiries, you can contact them directly at 03-89214483/4484/3457 or send them email at

kalau tak seribu-enam-ratus i dah join dah, down.