Friday, September 24, 2010

diari syawal aishah (part 2)

5th day raya
-we are still in muar
-visit relatives from morning till we headed back to kl at about 6pm (cece kl la sangat, kajang okay, kajang!)

7th day raya
-mama admitted to the hospital
-beraya at pok de's
-'join' mama at the hospital; lepak-lepak sambil curi makan bubur mama

9th day raya
-open house! (thanks for those who came!)

10th day raya
-to shahrul & sakinah's open house at sakinah's parents'

14th day raya
-to MLG open house at puri pujangga.

haha, sorry for treating my blog just like a flickr account and not as a blog.
looks like i am back as a seasonal blogger wee.

at least i am not like adek.
blog dia macam twitter account :p

hmm i am thinking of joining nuffnang digi contest to win iphone4.
but it needs me to write one entry per day for four consecutive days from today till 27th.
most creative blog posts overall wins the iphone4.
i have two problems.
one - i am not a consistent person. i know that i'll manage to write on it for the first two days only.
two - my blog post was never creative.

again, 'diari syawal aishah' to be continued..


syafiqahrahman said...

sempat lagi kutuk aku:|

farra8979 said...

nice diary.. n ur mama cute sbb sempat posing walau atas katil hospital.. hihi..

white purple flower said...

adek - manede kutuk.tak pun tak pun :D

farra8979 - thanks for dropping by!yes,mama saya memang cute.

dijah said...

twitter aku lagi la..da macam frenster lame xbukak

white purple flower said...

twitter aku pun..byk ngat bende nak update.haha.skang musim foursquare.