Tuesday, March 17, 2009

the makeover

last sunday, i went to nilai 3 to do some window shopping and to look out for the hantaran idea.
i was there from 2pm until 430pm - alone.
i think i went to nearly all of the 'kedai barang perkahwinan'.
unfortunately, i found nothing interesting over there.
i myself actually didn't know what i was looking for.
the stuffs sold in every shops are pretty much similar.
same barang in all kedai - so boring!

however, i did buy the 'alas' for the hantaran.
it actually didn't really caught my eyes as it wasn't beaded like i wanted as i mentioned in this entry.

i actually wanted something like this:
- it is embroidered.
- fully / half beaded (full is better.. but with the price of the half :P).
- transparent material (eg. net, organza, chiffon, etc.).
- white colored.

and what i got:
- it is embroidered.
- no beads at all, but with lots of sequins.
- transparent - it's organza.
- white colored.

to fulfil my wish, i also bought a japan beads.
i chose japan beads because they are shinier than any other beads.
i wanted to do a makeover on the 'alas'.
a simple one.

here is the picture of the alas before and after the makeover.

can you see any difference?
no, right?
but there is.

now look closely.

before makeover.
the flower is a little bit boring.

after makeover.
what a transformation!
yes i know, am really into detail.

the makeover work in progress~

am i a psycho for being very particular?
no, i'm not.

i'm a virgo.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

the d-i-y mini pelamin

i wish to have a mini pelamin for my engagement.

of course i will not be renting it.
because i think it is gravely overpriced.
1k for a mini pelamin with fresh flowers?? nonsense!
and it is 800rm for the one using artificial flowers.
i declined even to consider the idea.
yes, it is the price for the mini one.
i repeat, it's mi-ni!

i know that there are lots of cheaper option out there.
but i don't like the design or the concept.
it doesn't reach my level of preference.
and i still think it is overpriced because of the 'kampong design'.
i am really sorry to say it.
but i don't find any other suitable phrase for it.
maybe you can suggest one ;)

it is not really important anyway.
i will not going to splurge on it.
i think i will go for a d-i-y mini pelamin.

Friday, March 13, 2009

the first fitting

last week, i had my very first engagement outfit fitting.
surprisingly, it doesn't need any alteration.
the kurung moden fits me perfectly.
seriously, i really like it.

the design somehow makes me look slimmer.
anyway, the baju is designed by me.
so the credit will be given to me :P
maybe i should become a fashion designer not a spa owner ;)

now, i only have to wait for some final works to be done before the final fitting.
jahit butang ketip, cangkuk, tampal2 lace di sana sini.
and then, all done!
huhu, i'm so excited~

Monday, March 2, 2009

the hantaran theme

it's march already.
i must start to think about (and work on!) the hantaran arrangement.
at start, i've chose "white + pink" for the theme.
the idea was to make it white for the 'alas dulang' and 'bekas hantaran' + pink for flowers & other decorations.

these are designs of 'bekas hantaran' which i found lovely.

the picture is taken from here.

kak fathiyah's

found this wooden white tray at a mall nearby my house.
it comes in three sizes - S, M and L.
selling at rm39 for L size, rm29 for M size and rm19 for S size.

and the 'alas' would be something like this (or similar):

it can be rented.
but i prefer buying it.

if anybody knows where i can buy something like this?
i am thinking of checking at nilai 3 or maybe diosastana.
something like this means:
- it is embroidered.
- fully / half beaded (full is better.. but with the price of the half :P).
- transparent material (eg. net, organza, chiffon, etc.).
- white colored.

the lining inside is not a problem.
i can buy any satin material to make it as a lining.

but but but -
my engagement outfit will be in pink with a hint of gold.
so just now i'm thinking of just using my mom's Queen Anne trays for the 'bekas hantaran'.
and the transparent 'alas' (like in the picture above) with gold lining plus pink colored decorations.

which combination is nicer?
white + pink or gold + pink?

of course the white one is more cute and lovely and sweet and bla-bla.
but to make it uniform with the outfit.
do i have to go for the second idea?

when i think about it and try to think rationally, i think i will go for the second one.
1st: the color combination matches the whole theme.
2nd: save cost! i don't have to buy the 'bekas hantaran' as i'll be using my mom's.
3rd: although Queen Anne trays is not sweet, but they are more elegant and classy.
4th: i can always apply the first idea to my wedding hantaran later. so i won't be menyesal of whatsoever.

kan kan kan?