Wednesday, January 25, 2012

wordless wednesday: 2 lauk + 1 sayur cheating version

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

new life

hi dear readers.
i'm so sorry, it has been a little while since i put up my last post.

frankly, i really don't have much time like i used to have before.
too many new things get into my life lately that can be blamed for stopping me from updating my blog.

we have moved to our own house.
so, i have to wake up early, i need to settle laundry, i must make sure everything's clean, i have to cook for my husband, etc. etc.
i don't mind cooking for my husband since i kinda enjoy doing that.
but i hate doing laundry.
do laundry took so much of my time & leceh a bit, especially the folding & ironing part.
but now i have already found solution for that problem.
i'm sending all clothes that need ironing to laundry shop!
so, problem solved!

i'm now a working lady!
yes, by working i mean office hour 830am-530pm working.
hmm honestly, i prefer my previous 'working' schedule & style, if, it can be considered as one.
i used to be a frequent mall visitor & i don't have to do that during lunch hour.
i can get into my 'office' anytime & can choose to not going to 'work' if i don't feel like going.
i enjoyed doing 'charity' e.g. buying things for others, paying others' bills, doing some window shopping or surveying for others, going here & there, etc. - i didn't get anything from that, but i really enjoy doing it.
so now that i'm really working, honestly, it is quite tiring because my day starts early, plus it is not that fun.
i hope someday i'll fall in love with my job & start enjoying my working life.

my family has opened 2 tutti frutti outlets.
one in sg besi & another one in sg buloh.
not that i have to take care of them, but apart from home & office, i will spend most of my time at tutti frutti.
reason being, my husband is the one who's in charge for the closing, so every night he'll need to go there.
being a good wife who is always there by his side (kah kah kah), me too, always spend my time at the outlet.
so yeah, that explains how tutti frutti affect my life.

all above are reasons why i didn't update this blog for quite some time.
so after this if you are not seeing new entry for a week or maybe more than that (wordless wednesday can't be considered as new entry), well, you already know why.

anyway girls, if you feel like eating tutti frutti & you're living nearby our sg besi or sg buloh outlet, do come to our shop!
our sg besi outlet is located at new shoplot named the trillium which is at lake fields, sg besi & our sg buloh outlet is located at tsb commercial centre, sg buloh, just by the main road near sg buloh hospital.

for your info, for this festive season of chinese new year, we are giving away angpow for every purchase.
we also have introduced new flavor (orange sorbet) & new topping (mandarin orange) that you must try!

okay girls, i guess till my next update!

Monday, January 16, 2012

phew, what a weekend!

it was a busy weekend.

for all you know, we just opened a new tutti frutti outlet last saturday.
alhamdulillah, we are happy that the responds was good.
it was a great new experience for me.

in conjunction with the soft opening, we gave 20% discount for our frozen yogurts for 2 days straight.
yes girls, 20% off & you just missed it!

but no worries, another outlet will be opened in the next 2 days.
you read it right, new tutti frutti outlet will be opened at TSB commercial centre, sungai buloh, this wednesday, january 18th.
we will be offering 20% discount for your tutti frutti froyo this wednesday & thursday (18 & 19 January 2012).

so girls, let's have some froyos!

p/s TSB commercial centre is located nearby sungai buloh hospital, ktm station, 5 minutes from NKVE, LDP & MRR2 Highway, 15 minutes away from one utama shopping complex, the curve and ikano power centre.

Friday, January 13, 2012

dear froyo fans...

announcing the soft opening of Tutti Frutti The Trillium @Lake Fields, Sungei Besi.

enjoy 20% off of your delicious tutti frutti froyo this saturday, january 14th at our new outlet!

address, no. 13, jalan tasik utama 6, medan niaga tasik damai, sungei besi, 57000 kuala lumpur.
the tutti frutti outlet is located on the same row as kfc, secret recipe & al-ikhsan.

for those who are not familiar with that area, you can find the map here.

i will be there tomorrow from morning till midnight, insyaallah.
and i hope to see you there!

maybe it's time for some healthy 'ice creams'.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

family trip to port dickson (part 2)

this is a continuation of family trip to port dickson (part 1).

i will summarize the story in a list form of what we did from day 1 till day 3.

day 1
- arrived at the eagle ranch resort at about 4pm.
- went to get our late evening coffee dose at bangi kopitiam -_-' i actually didn't undertstand why we chose bangi kopitiam of all places over there.
- straightly headed to medan ikan bakar kampung telok, pasir panjang for our dinner. the place is highly recommended by me. i love that place because the seafoods were all fresh & all of what we ordered tasted so good that we decided to come here again for next day's dinner. however, the place looked like a food court so yay for the foods but nay for the ambience.
- went back to the eagle ranch & zzzz.

day 2
- we had our breakfast at a local foodstall. we decided not to eat at the eagle ranch because the choice of foods were limited.
- we went straight to pantai teluk kemang public beach for a picnic. we rent a small tent (the rental price is rm20 for the small & rm35 for the big one) for us to put our stuff & to allow us to stay by the beach for hours. we had fun riding on a boat, playing banana boat (rm20/pax), riding on a storm/viper ride (rm20/pax), burying my MIL in the sand, eating ice creams, swimming, etc. simply said, we did all the fun things until we were all tired (until about 330pm).
- went back to the eagle ranch to clean up, solat & got ready to find something to eat for our late lunch.
- so we had our late lunch (5pm) at KDK tomyam, a restaurant in front of a muslim's cemeteries, so i guess that KDK stands for 'kedai depan kubur' kot.
- later, we went to an extreme park for go-kart rides. the extreme park is located not far from the eagle ranch. actually there's a facility for go-kart at the eagle ranch itself but the price is rm30 for 5 laps, while the price at the extreme park is rm20 for 8 laps, so that's why we chose to have our go-kart ride at the extreme park instead.
- and then we tried to search for a place for horse riding, but then we can't find a place that allows the rider to ride the horse by him/herself. to truth is my cousins have license/certificate to ride on horses, so they don't want the unchallenging type of horse riding that we are actually just sit on a pony & there will be other person pulling the horse around. so we went back to the eagle ranch & took out this particular activity from the trip itinerary.
- others decided to go back to the extreme park to play archery & paintballs, but i decided to have some rest so i didn't follow.
- after that, we went to the same dinner place as day 1's yay.
- back to the eagle ranch & zzzz.

day 3
- my husband & i had our breakfast at the eagle ranch, but the rest decided to have it outside just like the previous day.
- since we need to check out from there at 12pm, so we didn't have much time. we decided to visit an ostrich farm (entrance fee for adult is rm8/pax, plus rm3 if you want to ride an ostrich). besides ostrich, there were also other animals as well, just like a mini zoo.
- so lastly, we went back to the eagle ranch, packing our stuff & checked out.

so that's it, our short yet fun trip to port dickson.

know what, i just knew that we can actually snorkel at port dickson from what have been told to us by locals.
i never heard about people go snorkeling at port dickson before.
i guess we (me & husband) want to give it a try someday since snorkeling is among my favorite activities.
who wants to join us?

as usual, pictures are coming up next in part 3!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

family trip to port dickson (part 1)

so last week we went to port dickson for 2 nights.

we stayed at the eagle ranch resort.
we chose to stay there because we knew that the place provides a concept which is different from others.
and we thought of escaping ourselves from reality & enjoy the american mid-western fantasy of cowboys, horses & bandwagons.

however, things were not like what we imagined.
the overall concept was there, but the place was not properly maintained.
and know what, we didn't even use the 'facilities' that were provided by them.
i'm sorry but i don't feel like sharing details about the resort with you girls.
i am not happy with the place, but overall, we had fun throughout our trip!

ouh, i suddenly don't feel like continuing my writings.
i just remembered that my brother in law told me that my favorite 'daiso' has been opened at the mines
so i thought of paying a visit :)

till part 2!