Thursday, January 5, 2012

family trip to port dickson (part 2)

this is a continuation of family trip to port dickson (part 1).

i will summarize the story in a list form of what we did from day 1 till day 3.

day 1
- arrived at the eagle ranch resort at about 4pm.
- went to get our late evening coffee dose at bangi kopitiam -_-' i actually didn't undertstand why we chose bangi kopitiam of all places over there.
- straightly headed to medan ikan bakar kampung telok, pasir panjang for our dinner. the place is highly recommended by me. i love that place because the seafoods were all fresh & all of what we ordered tasted so good that we decided to come here again for next day's dinner. however, the place looked like a food court so yay for the foods but nay for the ambience.
- went back to the eagle ranch & zzzz.

day 2
- we had our breakfast at a local foodstall. we decided not to eat at the eagle ranch because the choice of foods were limited.
- we went straight to pantai teluk kemang public beach for a picnic. we rent a small tent (the rental price is rm20 for the small & rm35 for the big one) for us to put our stuff & to allow us to stay by the beach for hours. we had fun riding on a boat, playing banana boat (rm20/pax), riding on a storm/viper ride (rm20/pax), burying my MIL in the sand, eating ice creams, swimming, etc. simply said, we did all the fun things until we were all tired (until about 330pm).
- went back to the eagle ranch to clean up, solat & got ready to find something to eat for our late lunch.
- so we had our late lunch (5pm) at KDK tomyam, a restaurant in front of a muslim's cemeteries, so i guess that KDK stands for 'kedai depan kubur' kot.
- later, we went to an extreme park for go-kart rides. the extreme park is located not far from the eagle ranch. actually there's a facility for go-kart at the eagle ranch itself but the price is rm30 for 5 laps, while the price at the extreme park is rm20 for 8 laps, so that's why we chose to have our go-kart ride at the extreme park instead.
- and then we tried to search for a place for horse riding, but then we can't find a place that allows the rider to ride the horse by him/herself. to truth is my cousins have license/certificate to ride on horses, so they don't want the unchallenging type of horse riding that we are actually just sit on a pony & there will be other person pulling the horse around. so we went back to the eagle ranch & took out this particular activity from the trip itinerary.
- others decided to go back to the extreme park to play archery & paintballs, but i decided to have some rest so i didn't follow.
- after that, we went to the same dinner place as day 1's yay.
- back to the eagle ranch & zzzz.

day 3
- my husband & i had our breakfast at the eagle ranch, but the rest decided to have it outside just like the previous day.
- since we need to check out from there at 12pm, so we didn't have much time. we decided to visit an ostrich farm (entrance fee for adult is rm8/pax, plus rm3 if you want to ride an ostrich). besides ostrich, there were also other animals as well, just like a mini zoo.
- so lastly, we went back to the eagle ranch, packing our stuff & checked out.

so that's it, our short yet fun trip to port dickson.

know what, i just knew that we can actually snorkel at port dickson from what have been told to us by locals.
i never heard about people go snorkeling at port dickson before.
i guess we (me & husband) want to give it a try someday since snorkeling is among my favorite activities.
who wants to join us?

as usual, pictures are coming up next in part 3!

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