Tuesday, September 22, 2009

what i love most about hari raya

i love hari raya, because:

1) it is an excuse for me to add more baju into my traditional outfit collection - this is the only time in a year that i can send loads of materials to the tailor without feeling guilty of why i should have more.
2) it is a day where whole family gathers together - and all in a let's-take-photos mood.
3) everyone seems fit, happy and problem-less - physically, mentally, financially, etc.
4) good foods are everywhere - people eat like they don't care how many kg's they'll gain from that huge amount of foods.
5) open house - it is not all about the foods - i love the fact that open house is just like a family gathering or friends reunion for me.

happy hari raya.
sorry for all of my wrongdoings.