Thursday, September 29, 2011

the ideal muslimah: a good read

unlike my other sisters (esp. little sisters), reading is not my hobby.
i don't read books or novels.
i seldom read newspapers & magazines.
but i do read blogs & catalogues!
i think i'm a hardcore blog reader, provided that the blog is fun to read.

but, i do read books IF it is for exams!
meaning that i'll read ONLY IF i am required to do so.

today, i came across a really good read.
titled "the ideal muslimah: the true islamic personality of the muslim woman".
it is authored by dr. muhammad ali al-hashimi and translated into english by nassrudin al-khattab.
the article covers a few of the important personal and general woman's issues.
a good read for all muslimah regardless who you are be it a mother, a sister, a wife, an employee, an employer, etc.

the chapters are nicely laid out & beautifully organized make it easier for you to read & to understand.
- chapter 1: the muslim woman and her rabb
- chapter 2: the muslim woman and her own self
- chapter 3: the muslim woman and her parents
- chapter 4: the muslim woman and her husband
- chapter 5: the muslim woman and her children
- chapter 6: the muslim woman and her sons- and daughters- in law
- chapter 7: the muslim woman and her relatives
- chapter 8: the muslim woman and her neighbours
- chapter 9: the muslim woman and her friends and sisters in islam
- chapter 10: the muslim woman and her community/society

yeah, good things are meant to be shared.
you can download & read it here.

happy reading, lovelies!

Monday, September 26, 2011

are you inspirational enough?

I don't know why suddenly I came up with this topic.

I read my blog just now and realized that my blog is so lame.
So lame that it has nothing special that could be proud of.
So lame that I wouldn't follow this blog if I am the reader.
So lame that it decribes the lame side of me.

I don't know what type of blogger I am because there's no specific area that I try to cover in my writings.
Does that make me a lifestlyle blogger?
Because a lifestyle blogger writes because ppl want to know what's happening in her/his life.
There could be number of reasons that would drive ppl to bother about other's life.
Maybe the person's life story is interesting to read.
Or maybe the person really knows how to do something or is an expert in any field.
Or it could be because of the high level of sense of humor of the blogger that could spread positivity to the readers.

So what drives ppl to read my blog?
And that shows that I'm a pathetic person.

As I read through my own blog, I realized that I'm a boring person that is non-inspirational at all.
I don't get inspired by myself, so do the readers, I guess.

I would love to inspire ppl around me.
I'd love to share stories that could bring change or can make a difference in someone's life.
Well, inspired or changed in a positive way, I mean.

I hope to inspire at least one person (the more the better), so that I know that I'm contributing something to the society.

So how to become inspirational?
First thing first, let's change ourselves first!
We need to check ourselves first before we could inspire ppl around us.

How about you?
Are you inspirational enough?

Thursday, September 15, 2011

little brother engagement hantaran

my little brother is now someone's fiance.
the wedding insyaAllah will be at the end of the 1st quarter next year.

i love everything about wedding preparation and i'm all ready to be his wedding planner!
hihiks as if he wants me to menyibuk lah kan.

anyway, i'm the one who is responsible for his engagement hantaran.
and since, there are still lots of leftovers (ribbons, flowers, etc.) from my wedding, i re-use them to make the hantaran.
i bought nothing new except the brown basket since the theme color is brown.

next project is for my bestfriend engagement this december.
can't wait!

p/s the giant white roses are from my stairs deco haha.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

my beauty issue: denial of aging

you have to agree with me that we women must have beauty issues.


okay, i have an oily and acne-prone skin, thus i had to deal with acne problems since years back.
but surprisingly, i am more worried about dealing with aging skin.
i'm very much concerned about lines and wrinkles and i hate dark circles.
my biggest enemy is hyperpigmentation though i haven't have it.. well, yet!

i never took out moisturiser from my daily routine and i will make sure my face is protected from uv sunrays to prevent hyperpigmentation in the long run.
in fact, i am happy to be blessed with oily skin, since oily skin may slow down our natural aging process.
so yeayy for oily skin!

i can say that aging is my biggest beauty concerns.

so lovelies, what are your biggest beauty concerns?
- lines and wrinkles
- dark circles
- skin elasticity
- cellulite
- hyperpigmentation
- acne
- stretch marks
- scarring
- dry skin
- oily skin
- thinning hair
- excessive body hair
- other hair issues
- teeth and gums
- breath odor
- body odor
- nail abnormalities
- weight or body image
- other?

tell me!

Friday, September 9, 2011


Hey girls!

This is the first time I blog using handphone.
The new dashboard's interface looks good on small screen anyway.

It's 230am but I can't sleep.
Just finished baking some choc chip cookies for my husband.
He requested for another batch of that cookies & this is the 4th batch!
I must admit that it tastes so good, that's why he likes it so much.
He said I should be selling kuih raya next year & he will be my main agent pftt.

I met my bestfriend today.
She's becoming a mommy in a week insyaAllah, so I paid her a visit.
She's too cute with her big tummy.
This is the first time that she's 'fatter' than me LOL!
I wish for her safe & easy delivery.

Life's good with the lovely husband by my side.
I hate to wake up & know that it's a working day & that he needs to go to work.
That would be the saddest moment for me everyday haha.
How I wish he's a work-at-home husband!
He's maybe annoying at times, but I love to get annoyed by him.
He's a cry baby & a serious gentleman at the same time.

Okay, I guess I need to stop writing random things.
It's getting emotional haha.

I'm not sleepy yet, but blogging wouldn't help me to sleep.
I think I need to start counting sheeps.
I must force myself to sleep because I don't want to wake up with dark circles or new pimples.

So good night, lovelies.
Have a sweet dreams!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

what to blog?

okay, so here the question comes again... what to blog? what should i write here?

sometimes, i have so many things to write that i don't want to wait until tomorrow and double posted on the same day.
there were times when i have things to share, but i just don't feel like writing.
and sometimes, i want to write so badly, but i don't have topic to write about.

this time, i think i have so many things to share - of my brother's engagement, of the new addition to my family, of raya, of birthdays, of our house, of my baju raya, of this, of that - there are loads of things to share, but i think the mood is not there.

i have a love-hate relationship with blogging.
i'm not doing this for money, like i said, this blog is created because i wanted to have 'my own place' over the internet.
so i guess, suka hati i lah kan.

till then!