Tuesday, September 13, 2011

my beauty issue: denial of aging

you have to agree with me that we women must have beauty issues.


okay, i have an oily and acne-prone skin, thus i had to deal with acne problems since years back.
but surprisingly, i am more worried about dealing with aging skin.
i'm very much concerned about lines and wrinkles and i hate dark circles.
my biggest enemy is hyperpigmentation though i haven't have it.. well, yet!

i never took out moisturiser from my daily routine and i will make sure my face is protected from uv sunrays to prevent hyperpigmentation in the long run.
in fact, i am happy to be blessed with oily skin, since oily skin may slow down our natural aging process.
so yeayy for oily skin!

i can say that aging is my biggest beauty concerns.

so lovelies, what are your biggest beauty concerns?
- lines and wrinkles
- dark circles
- skin elasticity
- cellulite
- hyperpigmentation
- acne
- stretch marks
- scarring
- dry skin
- oily skin
- thinning hair
- excessive body hair
- other hair issues
- teeth and gums
- breath odor
- body odor
- nail abnormalities
- weight or body image
- other?

tell me!


Qaseh Chempaka said...

sume !! ~~

white purple flower said...

Fuh ni kronik ni hehe

Qaseh Chempaka said...

dh tua :(

white purple flower said...

haha ye ye je dah tua!aging is not a curse.look at the positive side of ageing and let's just accept the natural aging process together :)