Friday, September 9, 2011


Hey girls!

This is the first time I blog using handphone.
The new dashboard's interface looks good on small screen anyway.

It's 230am but I can't sleep.
Just finished baking some choc chip cookies for my husband.
He requested for another batch of that cookies & this is the 4th batch!
I must admit that it tastes so good, that's why he likes it so much.
He said I should be selling kuih raya next year & he will be my main agent pftt.

I met my bestfriend today.
She's becoming a mommy in a week insyaAllah, so I paid her a visit.
She's too cute with her big tummy.
This is the first time that she's 'fatter' than me LOL!
I wish for her safe & easy delivery.

Life's good with the lovely husband by my side.
I hate to wake up & know that it's a working day & that he needs to go to work.
That would be the saddest moment for me everyday haha.
How I wish he's a work-at-home husband!
He's maybe annoying at times, but I love to get annoyed by him.
He's a cry baby & a serious gentleman at the same time.

Okay, I guess I need to stop writing random things.
It's getting emotional haha.

I'm not sleepy yet, but blogging wouldn't help me to sleep.
I think I need to start counting sheeps.
I must force myself to sleep because I don't want to wake up with dark circles or new pimples.

So good night, lovelies.
Have a sweet dreams!


pelangi said...

aku suka post ni..
thankx beb dtg jumpa aku..
sgt terharu..
hopefully bila baby kuar dtg lg eh..
mst baby aku nak jmp bestie mummy dia..

white purple flower said...

bila baby keluar,confirm lah dtg insyaAllah :) jalan2 weh bg cepat beranakk.