Tuesday, February 24, 2009

the engagement outfit

since years back, i already had in mind of how i wanted to dress during my engagement and my wedding.
i know it is too early, but heyy it is not a fault to berangan2 about those things.
but getting married is a costly business.
and i can't always afford the outfits of my dreams.
still, i will make sure that the outfits are stunning enough ngee hehe.
of course with the help of a good taste (uhuk2) and the fussy character of me (huhu).

my engagement outfit is still under construction.
i choose farra ghafar as my fashion designer.

hopefully it will be like what i dreamt of.
if not, she'll be weary altering my outfit :P

Thursday, February 19, 2009

the hantaran

i actually don't have any idea on how to start to plan for our engagement.
we did some shopping for the barang hantaran (gifts to be exchanged during the event).
the gift hunting started a month ago.
we've got almost all the gifts ready except for things like cakes/cuppies, chocolates and fruits.
we tried to limit our spending on the gifts so we agreed for only '5 berbalas 7 dulang'.

we should have planned to buy the gifts earlier.
so sad we just missed the year end saving sale - the perfect time to hunt for the gifts.
besides, the gold price is keep rising.
if only we bought the ring before last raya.
the price was only rm88/gram!
and the recent price for gold is rm125/gram. gile kan??
but still, we managed to save a little as we bought the ring at the price of rm115/gram.

the contents of the 7 trays that i initially planned to give him are:
1) engagement ring
2) material for baju melayu
3) sampin songket
4) capal
5) cake/cuppies
6) chocs
7) fruits

but we did some changes on the list because he refused to wear the ring and the capal!
so i substitute the capal to casual shoes (as he doesn't use to wear formal shoes) and the ring to a set of shirt and tie.

while the contents of the 5 trays that he'll give me are:
1) rings - merisik and engagement
2) material for akad nikah attire
3) a pair of shoes
4) cake/cuppies
5) chocs

of course i won't show the pictures of the goods here at least until after our engagement.

Monday, February 16, 2009

the simple sweet engagement will do

engagement ceremony is an event where the future groom's family will bring a ring to be presented to the desired bride.

i still remember my sisters' engagement -
they were just simple events that involves two families.
like a normal jamuan makan tengahari.
besides the sarung cincin procedure, the families get together to discuss about the wedding -
the date for the akad nikah and the receptions, the hantaran, etc.

but things have changed.
engagement ceremony nowadays is not like before.
looking at the trend nowadays, majlis tunang pun dah macam kawen! :(
but the objective is still the same.
it is like a promise to marry.

i don't wish to follow the trend.
or in other words, jimat a.k.a kedekut~ :P
for me, it is better to save the money for the wedding rather than spending huge amount for the engagement.

for mine, a simple yet sweet engagement will do.

white & purple

i love white because i think the color is so clean and pure.
i love purple because i think purple is a very romantic color.
i love both colors and i love the color combination too.

white & purple - so clean, pure and romantic.
might choose these colors for my wedding reception.
wedding?? i don't know when mine will be.

i like attending wedding ceremony.
and i enjoy being part of the wedding.
i don't mind helping the bride choosing the wedding dress.
i don't mind bringing the bride to shop for the scarf and veil.
i don't mind thinking of the right accessories that matches the bride.
i don't mind spending my night to make the hantaran.
i just love wedding.
i don't know why.

i dreamt a dream.
in my dream, i dreamt of my beautiful wedding.