Monday, February 16, 2009

the simple sweet engagement will do

engagement ceremony is an event where the future groom's family will bring a ring to be presented to the desired bride.

i still remember my sisters' engagement -
they were just simple events that involves two families.
like a normal jamuan makan tengahari.
besides the sarung cincin procedure, the families get together to discuss about the wedding -
the date for the akad nikah and the receptions, the hantaran, etc.

but things have changed.
engagement ceremony nowadays is not like before.
looking at the trend nowadays, majlis tunang pun dah macam kawen! :(
but the objective is still the same.
it is like a promise to marry.

i don't wish to follow the trend.
or in other words, jimat a.k.a kedekut~ :P
for me, it is better to save the money for the wedding rather than spending huge amount for the engagement.

for mine, a simple yet sweet engagement will do.


pelangi said...

wah cik ecah da start memblog..
welcome to the club..
mmg simple itu mudah dan selamat..
biar wedding br bg gempak sket..
c u tmrw!!

white purple flower said...

saje je..nanti boleh buat scrap book :P
yeps..simple = mudah,selamat n jimatt..

c u!