Friday, April 23, 2010

falling for moisturizer

i've been struggling with my face for years - more than 10 years.
i've acne prone, yet congested skin.
simply said, it's complicated.
i'm not like some others, can put anything on their face.
even sabun badan brings no harm to them.
i ni, benda yang orang pakai okay, i pakai tak okay.
pollution, sun, toxins not being expelled properly, excess of skin oil, dead cells, make ups, chemicals, bad skincare products - long list of factors contributing to skin congestion.

i think my face started to rosak lepas i pakai citra ayu masa i form 2.
terpengaruh dengan mama, mama yang belikan pun.
mama pakai BML, lagi la sedih.
at that time, ppl thought harsh peeling is good.
we didn't care about hydroquinone, mercury and all the bad ingredients inside the products.
kita tauhu nak muke putih2 merah macam letak blusher macam orang lain jugak.
kita tak tauhu, in a long run we will end up having sensitive skin yang senang rosak.

sebagai balasan di dunia, sekarang ni to find a product yang boleh cater my skin needs is really hard.
if i use products for acne prone skin, my skin will be too dry and dull.
if i use products for combination/dry skin, there goes acne keluar tanpa malu-malu.

i've tried so many products anyway, from drugstore brands (e.g. clean and clear, himalaya, l'oreal, neutrogena, vichii, sebamed, lactacyd, etc.), to high end brands (e.g. skII, estee lauder, cellex-c, exuviance, dermalogica, clinique, etc.), to local brands (e.g. tia amelia, natasha, etc.), to dermatologist brands (e.g. neostrata, biomedic, murad, etc.) - just to name a few - some are good and some are bad.
i've went through some specialist's procedures (e.g. chemical peeling, microdermabrasion, took antibiotics, took hormone pills, vitamin-c injections, etc.).
i've consumed many consumable products for skin (e.g. collagen powder, collagen drinks, innershine, jamu-jamuan, chinese herbals, etc.)

wow patutnya kulit i dah cantik macam zizie ezet, but unfortunately, no.

at least my skin now is getting better day by day.
but i still have to be careful sebab kalau salah pakai, hamik kau, immediate effect.
i was just started to understand my skin needs.
or is it because of my age ke ape tah, dah tak leceh sangat.
or is it sebab i ada spa sendiri and buat facial setiap minggu.
or is it sebab i ada partner yang boleh formulate own products, i selalu dapat try produk2 bagus sebelum orang lain try.

last month, i ordered the deep collagen cleansing gel for the spa use.
my partner send me some samples to try on.
memang dia suka hantar sample kat i sampai ada yang tak pakai lagi.
tapi sample tau.
3ml x 2 - pakai kedekut2 tahan seminggu.

she said the products are very good, superb quality with imported expensive active ingredients.
it's a refreshing cream - for day and nite use - some sort of moisturizer.
so i tried for a week.
suprisingly, i like it from the very first day actually.
moisturizer yang tak oily, very refreshing and makes my dull congested skin becomes clearer, smoother and brighter - ke perasaan semata? ah bukan perasaan, sedapkan hati.
the active ingredients are aquacacteen, vitamin B5 and sodium hyaluronate.

info from encik google:
aquacacteen comes from the fig of india, an original plant of mexico and is known to hold enormous reserves of water to survive the long periods of drought. thanks to its riches of vitamins and minerals, the aquacacteen is ideal for the care and the hydration of the skin and sooth your skin that can be irritated from the sun. the property of the fig in India are highly regarded to the aztecs and still today in mexico. this plant is appreciated for its luxurious ingredients and its properties are also recognised in Europe.

harga - mahal dan sedih.
tapi nak.


seronok dan gembira.

Monday, April 19, 2010

lowdown day

yesterday was my "lowdown day".
the day with 0% productivity.
i felt very "low" meaning no energies and no mood and motivation to do anything.
my body and mind felt very tired the whole day from morning til night.
so there comes the idea for this entry, obviously.

reasons for a low-day can be very subjective.
it might be from stress, depression, exhaustion, illness, etc.
sometimes we don't even need a reason for an unproductive day.

so what to do on a low-day?
how to handle a low-day?

from readings, these tips might help you:
- prioritize; identify the "musts" things. then, identify the steps needed to get the "musts" things done. for me, i have few things to be settled this week. i have a test on wednesday and deadlines on tuesday and friday. slowly i have to get things done, no matter how i feel.
- get inspiration motivation; could be from readings or viewing things that makes you feel happier and inspired. what i did, i googled for tips on how to handle a low-day and surf for motivation quotes. it always works for me, anyway. one of my friends suggested to view funny videos on youtube. i tried but slow internet connection annoyed me.
- physical rejuvenation; this one makes you feel good about yourself. even eating and drinking the right things can revs us up. other than that, workout might help. personally, my choice for physical rejuvenation would be a pampering session in spa/salon. i already have a plan to go to salon this evening before class for a hair wash.
- count your blessings; think about the ppl who do not have even a fourth of what you have, think about the people who love you, think about the people who need you, who respect you.
- have fun; could be a day off from work if it is a working day. do what makes you feel happier, shopping, meeting friends, playing with your kids, watching your favorite movie, reading a great book or what-else-pleases-you-the-most. this works for me too, but be careful, sometimes the benefits are just short-term.

today, i feel good.
i maybe woke up a bit late but my day started well and i have mood for study (already finished 1 chapter, at least), i have mood to blog, my body and mind don't feel tired and i'm looking forward for today's class at 7pm.

okay, need to proceed on chapter 2.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

i can't stand the heat

weather is very hot lately which i can't stand the heat.
i am sweating like crazy and wondering if this is really due to global warming.

things went worse when the aircond is not functioning well.
i suspect there is a problem with the thermostat.
thermostat is a part of the aircond that regulates room temperature.
it does it by activating the system on or off to maintain the correct programmed temperature.
why i think the problem came from the thermostat is because the aircond can be switched on and functioning well at the beginning.
but after about 5 minutes, when the room temperature hits certain degrees, it stops automatically.
it just like the programmed temperature is very low or maybe it is broken and need to be repaired or changed.
okay enough with the technicals, aishah.

when it's hot, it's very difficult to do anything.
i feel uncomfortable like.. seriously.

here are some tips on how to deal with hot weather which i found on the internet:
- wear cool clothing; light-weight, light-colored, loose-fitting, natural fabrics e.g. cotton. bring cardi, pashmina or jacket to layer up in airconditioned place.
- cover windows during the day and pull curtains.
- open windows at night and use fans to circulate cooler air.
- avoid direct sun during the hottest hours (11am to 4pm); stay indoors if possible.
- drink plenty of fluids.
- eat light meals.
- take a shower or bath.
- take a foods or drinks with cooling effect e.g. apple, chrysenthanum tea, etc.
- avoid heavy make up; it will leave you with a smudged look.
- use a light-weight perfume.
- choose natural fabrics for underwear e.g. cotton or silk.
- keep your accessories simple.

the key is to keep everything simple (makeup, dressing, meals) and not to forget drink loads and loads of water.

hadi letrik, bile nak datang neh??

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

when was the last time you had a "me" time?

are you stressed out, burned out, or maybe fed up of life?
are you too busy to notice that you are too busy?

if yes, ask yourself, when was the last time you had a "me" time?
or do you think you had enough of "me" time, or maybe too much of it?
don't get it wrong on how you define your "me" time.

try to make your spouse happy is not a "me" time.
or try to keep your kids entertained is definitely not a "me" time.
even sitting in front of the TV watching diari AF is also not considered as a "me" time.

"me" time is time spent to make you a better person - for your personal growth.
for example, exercising or reading IS a "me" time.

today, i had a lot of a "me" time.
i had my hair cut, got it treated and let it washed and blowed - "me" time.
i just had a facial treatment - another "me" time.
not to forget, blogging - is also a "me" time for me.

how about you and yours?

p/s how many "me"s in this entry? LOL

Monday, April 5, 2010

cantek tak?

bukan untuk baju tunang.

Friday, April 2, 2010

fat girls are awesome

tajuk pembakar semangat.

due to technical reasons,my engagement outfit dah siap setahun yang lalu.
after a year, of course i've piled on some weight (if 5 kgs can still be considered as "some").
at that time, the baju was like perfecttttly tailored for me! (okay, i exaggerate a little here ngee).
not even an alteration, i was very satisfied with the baju.

few nights back, i dunno why it crossed my mind to try it out.
and.. woahh, i look like sarung nangka especially kat lengan.

then i started googling on "what if i can't fit into my wedding dress", "drop a dress size in 5 days", etc. - kasihan kan?
to conclude on my research (ececece), i got few tips on what to do, which are as follows:
- stop eating junk food
- start eating lean protein, whole grain and a ton of veggies
- practice on a low calorie diet
- get to the gym
- find a good body reshaping garment
- get liposuction
- get another baju in a bigger size

lately, i enjoy eating very much.
maybe because size perut dah besar, selera pun dah sebesar gajah.
and gym pulak sangat tak sesuai untuk pemalas like me.
body reshaping garment is fine, but the main problem now is lehngan malek noor ni, which is no way body reshaping garment could help.
lipo? haha.kalau ade duit pun haku wat laser buang parut jerawat.

i like the last one.
seems like the easiest among all.

baju pink tu boleh jual kat dijah.