Thursday, April 8, 2010

i can't stand the heat

weather is very hot lately which i can't stand the heat.
i am sweating like crazy and wondering if this is really due to global warming.

things went worse when the aircond is not functioning well.
i suspect there is a problem with the thermostat.
thermostat is a part of the aircond that regulates room temperature.
it does it by activating the system on or off to maintain the correct programmed temperature.
why i think the problem came from the thermostat is because the aircond can be switched on and functioning well at the beginning.
but after about 5 minutes, when the room temperature hits certain degrees, it stops automatically.
it just like the programmed temperature is very low or maybe it is broken and need to be repaired or changed.
okay enough with the technicals, aishah.

when it's hot, it's very difficult to do anything.
i feel uncomfortable like.. seriously.

here are some tips on how to deal with hot weather which i found on the internet:
- wear cool clothing; light-weight, light-colored, loose-fitting, natural fabrics e.g. cotton. bring cardi, pashmina or jacket to layer up in airconditioned place.
- cover windows during the day and pull curtains.
- open windows at night and use fans to circulate cooler air.
- avoid direct sun during the hottest hours (11am to 4pm); stay indoors if possible.
- drink plenty of fluids.
- eat light meals.
- take a shower or bath.
- take a foods or drinks with cooling effect e.g. apple, chrysenthanum tea, etc.
- avoid heavy make up; it will leave you with a smudged look.
- use a light-weight perfume.
- choose natural fabrics for underwear e.g. cotton or silk.
- keep your accessories simple.

the key is to keep everything simple (makeup, dressing, meals) and not to forget drink loads and loads of water.

hadi letrik, bile nak datang neh??

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