Monday, April 19, 2010

lowdown day

yesterday was my "lowdown day".
the day with 0% productivity.
i felt very "low" meaning no energies and no mood and motivation to do anything.
my body and mind felt very tired the whole day from morning til night.
so there comes the idea for this entry, obviously.

reasons for a low-day can be very subjective.
it might be from stress, depression, exhaustion, illness, etc.
sometimes we don't even need a reason for an unproductive day.

so what to do on a low-day?
how to handle a low-day?

from readings, these tips might help you:
- prioritize; identify the "musts" things. then, identify the steps needed to get the "musts" things done. for me, i have few things to be settled this week. i have a test on wednesday and deadlines on tuesday and friday. slowly i have to get things done, no matter how i feel.
- get inspiration motivation; could be from readings or viewing things that makes you feel happier and inspired. what i did, i googled for tips on how to handle a low-day and surf for motivation quotes. it always works for me, anyway. one of my friends suggested to view funny videos on youtube. i tried but slow internet connection annoyed me.
- physical rejuvenation; this one makes you feel good about yourself. even eating and drinking the right things can revs us up. other than that, workout might help. personally, my choice for physical rejuvenation would be a pampering session in spa/salon. i already have a plan to go to salon this evening before class for a hair wash.
- count your blessings; think about the ppl who do not have even a fourth of what you have, think about the people who love you, think about the people who need you, who respect you.
- have fun; could be a day off from work if it is a working day. do what makes you feel happier, shopping, meeting friends, playing with your kids, watching your favorite movie, reading a great book or what-else-pleases-you-the-most. this works for me too, but be careful, sometimes the benefits are just short-term.

today, i feel good.
i maybe woke up a bit late but my day started well and i have mood for study (already finished 1 chapter, at least), i have mood to blog, my body and mind don't feel tired and i'm looking forward for today's class at 7pm.

okay, need to proceed on chapter 2.