Friday, April 23, 2010

falling for moisturizer

i've been struggling with my face for years - more than 10 years.
i've acne prone, yet congested skin.
simply said, it's complicated.
i'm not like some others, can put anything on their face.
even sabun badan brings no harm to them.
i ni, benda yang orang pakai okay, i pakai tak okay.
pollution, sun, toxins not being expelled properly, excess of skin oil, dead cells, make ups, chemicals, bad skincare products - long list of factors contributing to skin congestion.

i think my face started to rosak lepas i pakai citra ayu masa i form 2.
terpengaruh dengan mama, mama yang belikan pun.
mama pakai BML, lagi la sedih.
at that time, ppl thought harsh peeling is good.
we didn't care about hydroquinone, mercury and all the bad ingredients inside the products.
kita tauhu nak muke putih2 merah macam letak blusher macam orang lain jugak.
kita tak tauhu, in a long run we will end up having sensitive skin yang senang rosak.

sebagai balasan di dunia, sekarang ni to find a product yang boleh cater my skin needs is really hard.
if i use products for acne prone skin, my skin will be too dry and dull.
if i use products for combination/dry skin, there goes acne keluar tanpa malu-malu.

i've tried so many products anyway, from drugstore brands (e.g. clean and clear, himalaya, l'oreal, neutrogena, vichii, sebamed, lactacyd, etc.), to high end brands (e.g. skII, estee lauder, cellex-c, exuviance, dermalogica, clinique, etc.), to local brands (e.g. tia amelia, natasha, etc.), to dermatologist brands (e.g. neostrata, biomedic, murad, etc.) - just to name a few - some are good and some are bad.
i've went through some specialist's procedures (e.g. chemical peeling, microdermabrasion, took antibiotics, took hormone pills, vitamin-c injections, etc.).
i've consumed many consumable products for skin (e.g. collagen powder, collagen drinks, innershine, jamu-jamuan, chinese herbals, etc.)

wow patutnya kulit i dah cantik macam zizie ezet, but unfortunately, no.

at least my skin now is getting better day by day.
but i still have to be careful sebab kalau salah pakai, hamik kau, immediate effect.
i was just started to understand my skin needs.
or is it because of my age ke ape tah, dah tak leceh sangat.
or is it sebab i ada spa sendiri and buat facial setiap minggu.
or is it sebab i ada partner yang boleh formulate own products, i selalu dapat try produk2 bagus sebelum orang lain try.

last month, i ordered the deep collagen cleansing gel for the spa use.
my partner send me some samples to try on.
memang dia suka hantar sample kat i sampai ada yang tak pakai lagi.
tapi sample tau.
3ml x 2 - pakai kedekut2 tahan seminggu.

she said the products are very good, superb quality with imported expensive active ingredients.
it's a refreshing cream - for day and nite use - some sort of moisturizer.
so i tried for a week.
suprisingly, i like it from the very first day actually.
moisturizer yang tak oily, very refreshing and makes my dull congested skin becomes clearer, smoother and brighter - ke perasaan semata? ah bukan perasaan, sedapkan hati.
the active ingredients are aquacacteen, vitamin B5 and sodium hyaluronate.

info from encik google:
aquacacteen comes from the fig of india, an original plant of mexico and is known to hold enormous reserves of water to survive the long periods of drought. thanks to its riches of vitamins and minerals, the aquacacteen is ideal for the care and the hydration of the skin and sooth your skin that can be irritated from the sun. the property of the fig in India are highly regarded to the aztecs and still today in mexico. this plant is appreciated for its luxurious ingredients and its properties are also recognised in Europe.

harga - mahal dan sedih.
tapi nak.


seronok dan gembira.


jie said...

berkesan ker..?muka kite pn truk..xtau nk gune pe dh..leh x share. :)

white purple flower said...

as a moisturizer - yes, it's very good.moisturizes yet doesn't make your skin oily.tapi bukan utk treat acne.what's your skin problem?