Wednesday, August 31, 2011

happy eid!


i hope it's not too late to wish you girls happy hari raya.
sincerely, i would like to say sorry for all of my wrongdoings, if any - ohh please, there must be any.
so let's start fresh, lovelies!

how was your 1st day raya?
i hope it was great.

this year is my 1st eid as a wife.
but things are pretty much the same as before.

my husband is a cool type.
he maybe a little bit fussy (seriously, a lil bit?), but he can settle his fussiness by himself.
so, i'm cool with that.

another thing is, my another 'kampung' is just 15-20 minutes away by car.
ohh come on! they are in the same district.
so nothing to fight about.
no, no tragic scene of where to spend our malam raya.
because we can still visit the other house anyway.
so again, i'm cool with that.

the only difference is - i didn't take as much photos as i normally did.
not because i now don't like taking photos.
but it's because i don't have my camwhore-mates with me during pagi raya, sigh.

still, i have some to share with you girls!

so these are among my favorite shots from today.

it was hard to choose my favorite ones from that little album!

have a fun raya, girls.

Friday, August 26, 2011

camel is the new black

hello lovelies, how's your hari raya preparation so far?
or should i be asking, how's your ramadhan so far?

okay frankly, i'm already in hari raya mode.
we are still days away from hari raya, but the festive mood is very much felt in the air, no?
if you can't feel the festive mood yet, i suggest you to go to any shopping malls or shopping spots.
immediately, you'll get what i meant.

everybody's busy buying things for hari raya and so do i.
although i've made early preparation for my raya attires, there are still a few things that are not yet ready.
raya shoes, raya bag, raya tudung, raya accessories, etc.

and since i have quite a number of raya attires for this year, it's difficult for me to find a raya bag and raya shoes that match the whole set of my raya attires.
so i need to find something neutral that can goes well with everything.

normally, i'd go for gold for hari raya - gold colored heels + gold colored clutch + gold colored long necklace.
it's becoming too predictable, so this year, i'm thinking of staying away from gold color.

at first, i was thinking to switch to black.
but i'm not a 'black' person because i appreciate colors and i'm a very colorful person.
i can wear pink pants with yellow top and turquoise hijab.
so i don't think i can pull out black accessories because it is so not me.

so can you tell me what's the ultimate neutral color?
it's a camel!

source: google

yes, camel is my favorite neutral by far.
i think, the color looks sophisticated but at the same time, not boring!
it looks so chic yet elegant and classic.
so i really think that all girls should invest in camel colored accessories.

the color goes well with everything, seriously.
you can pair the color with almost every color and you can't go wrong with this ultimate neutral color.

hush puppies cyra

camel oxford flats

so what do you think of camel?

p/s to aini, camel and gold is different.
bawah ni warna gold.

source: google

source: google

Thursday, August 25, 2011

i'm officially 27 today!

from mr. husband

from BFFs

i'm more than blessed.
thank you Allah.

i'm 27 & may be got wrinkles here & there on my face.
cracked heels, bloated tummy & eyes with dark circles.
but am still young at heart.

thanks so much to all who wished me happy birthday.
it was overwhelming & i feel loved.

Monday, August 22, 2011

modern country look, i love

me & my husband soon will be moving into our own house.
well, it's not really ours and it's not a new house.
we are now in the process of 'upgrading' the house into a home sweet home.


i love the fact that the house has a classic country look especially from the outside.
we plan to uplift the look into a modern country look, well if you realize, i'm really into modern vintage/classic look.
for that, color is the primary element to serve the objectives.
previously, the house was all white.
i like 'white' houses!
but to realize the modern country look, i need to play around with colors.
combination of colors can inject new life into any structure.
since the architectural structure is already classic, the house paint schemes should be modernized.

and no, not this kind of color combinations.

source: google


we will be re-using some of the old furnitures because of course we don't have $$$ to buy everything new ones.
i think, we will be using about 80% of the old furnitures and merely remove the non-usable ones.
for the interior walls, they're already repainted into white.
and for the decorations, i am still not very sure as to what color scheme should i use.
but i guess, i'll be more into brown, bronze & sandy (earth colors).
yes i know, i love bright colors - i.e. pink, purple, teal, etc.
but, hello! i am not transforming the house into a kindergarden.
i am transforming the house into a home, so i guess earth colors would be the best, no?
besides, i need to stick to the classic country look, remember?

so in order to add the modern vibe into the whole classic look, i'll be placing some 'pops' or smart hits here and there.
for example, i'll mix in bright colored or bold printed accessories to add some contrast to a low-key sofa.
or place some eye-catching ornaments, so that the whole house won't look so dull.
or put vibrant flowers set in an equally vibrant vase.

all i need to remember, i have to let everything to work together.
the colors, furnitures, decorations, etc. - they need to be well-blended.

source: google

source: google

source: google

source: google

ohh okay now i sound like an interior decorator haha.
well, that's the results after a few days browsing through interior design websites.
there are so many articles on the internet that are really helpful.

ohh ohh i should be writing about the wedding.
there are still some leftovers from the wedding that i haven't covered yet.
but haha, maybe my direction has changed.
i'm becoming more like a makcik-makcik nowadays.
this must be the age, pftt!

you know what?
when i smile real hard, you know, like REALLY smile.. i can see wrinkles on my face.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

satchel or clutch?

i've been eyeing on these bags all night since the very first time i laid my eyes on them.
i love them both.
i wish i can have one of them.. or both!

warehouse tassel satchel

mischa barton 2-way clutch

they are prettyyyy, kan?

Friday, August 19, 2011

pos raya insurance

this is not an advertorial.
i just feel like sharing this thing because i think it's good.

do you know that pos malaysia bhd has launched a personal accident insurance scheme in conjunction with the coming aidilfitri?
the insurance provides 24 hours coverage a day against all types of accident during the specific covered period of the aidilfitri (from 15th august 2011 to 15th september 2011).

you may choose to either be covered under individual plan or family plan.
the best thing is the insurance price is very cheap which is only rm8 for individual and rm25 for family plan.
and you (& your family) will be covered for 32 days for up to 20k for individual plan and 100k for family plan.

you can find more information from the brochure or from the website.

we don't want accidents to happen, but we must agree that we cannot stop traffic accidents from happening.

but lovelies, i urge you to drive very carefully.
always do your best to prevent and reduce the occurrence of traffic accidents.

i wish you safe journey for this hari raya!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

"like" me :)

seputeh kapas spa's fb page is very-very new.
i set up the page on july, 25th.
i don't know why it took me ages to set up an fb page for the spa.
guess it is because i was afraid that i can't commit to the page.
that i can't keep updating the page and ppl will start removing the page from their "like" list.

to date, i have 35 likes to the page.
well, including me, my husband, my father & my sisters haha.
so i'm now in the process of collecting fans for my fb page, or to be exact, fans to my spa.

we have quite a number of regular customers at our spa, but i guess they are not yet aware of the existence of that fb page.
haha confident je tau.

for all you know, from 02.08.11 until 29.09.11, we have exciting promotion going on.
we are offering you 25% discount on all facial services.
yes, 25% discount is a lot and considering affordable normal prices for all of our services, i must say that you don't want to miss this offer.

just imagine, the normal price for the normal facial is only rm25.
and after 25% discount, you only need to pay rm18 for a 40-minute facial.
so that's really cheap, right?
anyway, the most expensive facial service that you can have here is the 2-hour intensive brightening facial and the normal price is only rm100.
so, it will be only rm75 after 25% discount.
yeah, crazy price i know.

but please, do not underestimate the quality of the services at seputeh kapas spa by looking at the prices.
you are totally wrong if you think that the price reflects the quality.
i mean when we are purchasing goods/services, we need to find the best deal.
best deal = quality + reasonable price = value for money.
and i really think that the spa has both quality & reasonable price.

okay, back to the main intention.

i would like to invite you girls to "like" my spa fb page here.
there, you can find pictures of the spa, some information about the spa, the price list for services offered by us, and most importantly, the wall where you can find updates about current promotions.

so lovelies, i wish you thank you in advance for supporting me. :)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

2nd half of ramadhan

16.08.11 - we've entered the second half of ramadhan.
maybe it's time to assess our performance so far.
and i hope your ramadhan has been better than the previous' years.

we all know that the last 10 days of ramadhan are very special to every muslim.
because they are the most blessed days in the blessed ramadhan.

so lovelies, it's time for us to settle a few things before hari raya.
it's time to do more charity, give more to do needies.
it's time to forgive one another.
it's time to stay up praying.
it's time to evaluate our life.
and last but not least, it's time to ask/seek for forgiveness from our Creator.

p/s: excited raya mode "on".

Monday, August 15, 2011

happy 27th, aini!

happy 27th birthday to my darling, aini ahmad.

we wish you a lovely day, not just today because it is your birthday, but all year round.
may you always wake up in the morning with a smile on your face & be blessed in whatever you do.

aishah & apad

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

my birthday wishlist

i've been thinking of what to blog since my last entry.
no, i don't feel like writing about the wedding thingy at this moment.
and since today is tuesday, i can't just simply come out with another "wordless wednesday" entry.

fyi, august is not just a month for my husband, my mother & my father's birthday.
it is also my birthday month!

so i decided to come out with my birthday wishlist entry.
i don't mind if i don't get any of these, because this list is quite.. hmm ridiculously unreasonable for a birthday gift?

but these are things that i really want/need and it would be nice if i can get them especially on my birthday!

1. a mixer
... so i can make cheese cake whenever i want.

2. a juice extractor
... so i can have my carrot juice everyday instead of having it at the restaurant.

3. a tablet pc
... be it from apple, samsung, blackberry.. i accept any kind of it, as long as it's good and reliable.

4. a sofa
... for the living hall.

5. a washing machine
... for me to settle the laundry.

6. a cloth dryer
... so i can settle the laundry at any time, be it when it's raining or in the evening/at night when there's no sunlights.

7. cash/gift vouchers
... so i can do some shopping or can have a spa session without paying a single cent!

8. a new handphone
... to replace the current outdated one.

9. a new car
... because the old one is no longer in its good state and needs major repairing.

10. another handbag
... since handbags are women best friends and we can't have enough of them!

*pray hard*

Thursday, August 4, 2011

happy birthday, mama!

mama, happy 58th birthday!

we wish you a peaceful & lovely life ahead.
may you always be happy & healthy.
& may Allah bless you with his love & care.

thanks so much for your love & care you showered on your children.
we owe you so much & we will never be able to thank you enough for all of it.

we can't tell how blessed we are to have a mother like you!
again, happy birthday to the best mama in the world.

aishah & the rest

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

happy 27th birthday, sayang

so it's my husband's birthday today - 02.08.11.

birthday is certainly one of the important days of everyone’s lives, err or is it just me?
every year, i'll be waiting for the clock to reach 12am and expecting ppl to wish me happy birthday as the clock-tick strikes 12am.
it's like, ohh so my birthday officially begins now, let's get excited!
come and wish me happy birthday.
call me, text me, drop a wallpost or a facebook message for me, or maybe tag me in your status.

yes, it may sound pathetic, but that's what really happened.
well, everyone only gets one special day.
i mean, a special day that doesn't need to be shared with anyone, err unless you have twins.
so, after a year-long-wait, we hope that we will get special treatments on that special day, or maybe get something special, no?

so back to the main subject, my husband.
when the clock hit 12am just now, he was sleeping.
well, he's an early sleeper by the way.
i took out the present that had been prepared earlier from the drawer.
i wake him up to wish him happy birthday and hand the small gift.
but sadly, he said "thank you sayang, esok je lah bukak hadiah" -_-"
he was not excited at all, with his own birthday!
haha boys will always be boys!
so i just let him be.

i decided to switch on the laptop, log into my blog and write a special entry for him.
maybe a special birthday poem, or just a simple birthday wish.
but i ended up babbling about why birthday is so special for me and how heartless my husband is LOL.

so here is the birthday wish...

time flies sayang, you are officially 27 years old today.
so happy birthday to my love, my dearest husband.
i'm wishing you all the happiness on this joyous day.
may the years continue to be good to you and may Allah bless you always.
you are my best friend in the good times and bad times.
you are the reason for sweet yesterdays and for better tomorrows.
may your life always shine, be happy and pleasant.
let's grow old along with me!
the best is yet to be.

love, hugs & kisses,


Monday, August 1, 2011

happy Ramadhan!

dear lovelies, i'm wishing you a happy blessed month of Ramadhan.
may Allah forgive all of our sins and save us from bad habits.

this month provides us a chance to become closer to Allah.
may we take benefit from this holy month of Ramadhan.

forgive me for all my wrong doings, if any.
and may you, your family and all of your friends have the best taste of this month of Ramadhan ♥ ♥ ♥