Friday, August 19, 2011

pos raya insurance

this is not an advertorial.
i just feel like sharing this thing because i think it's good.

do you know that pos malaysia bhd has launched a personal accident insurance scheme in conjunction with the coming aidilfitri?
the insurance provides 24 hours coverage a day against all types of accident during the specific covered period of the aidilfitri (from 15th august 2011 to 15th september 2011).

you may choose to either be covered under individual plan or family plan.
the best thing is the insurance price is very cheap which is only rm8 for individual and rm25 for family plan.
and you (& your family) will be covered for 32 days for up to 20k for individual plan and 100k for family plan.

you can find more information from the brochure or from the website.

we don't want accidents to happen, but we must agree that we cannot stop traffic accidents from happening.

but lovelies, i urge you to drive very carefully.
always do your best to prevent and reduce the occurrence of traffic accidents.

i wish you safe journey for this hari raya!

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