Wednesday, August 17, 2011

"like" me :)

seputeh kapas spa's fb page is very-very new.
i set up the page on july, 25th.
i don't know why it took me ages to set up an fb page for the spa.
guess it is because i was afraid that i can't commit to the page.
that i can't keep updating the page and ppl will start removing the page from their "like" list.

to date, i have 35 likes to the page.
well, including me, my husband, my father & my sisters haha.
so i'm now in the process of collecting fans for my fb page, or to be exact, fans to my spa.

we have quite a number of regular customers at our spa, but i guess they are not yet aware of the existence of that fb page.
haha confident je tau.

for all you know, from 02.08.11 until 29.09.11, we have exciting promotion going on.
we are offering you 25% discount on all facial services.
yes, 25% discount is a lot and considering affordable normal prices for all of our services, i must say that you don't want to miss this offer.

just imagine, the normal price for the normal facial is only rm25.
and after 25% discount, you only need to pay rm18 for a 40-minute facial.
so that's really cheap, right?
anyway, the most expensive facial service that you can have here is the 2-hour intensive brightening facial and the normal price is only rm100.
so, it will be only rm75 after 25% discount.
yeah, crazy price i know.

but please, do not underestimate the quality of the services at seputeh kapas spa by looking at the prices.
you are totally wrong if you think that the price reflects the quality.
i mean when we are purchasing goods/services, we need to find the best deal.
best deal = quality + reasonable price = value for money.
and i really think that the spa has both quality & reasonable price.

okay, back to the main intention.

i would like to invite you girls to "like" my spa fb page here.
there, you can find pictures of the spa, some information about the spa, the price list for services offered by us, and most importantly, the wall where you can find updates about current promotions.

so lovelies, i wish you thank you in advance for supporting me. :)

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