Friday, May 28, 2010

homemade soaps

no. these are not to be eaten.

last week i received a few of homemade soaps from my forum's friend.
i get to try out her algae mint, herbs scrub, cinnamon, kelapa, and beras ones.

i have to say that these soaps look so yummy.
you know, like a chocolate bar.
the smells are good too.

some info on these handmade soaps:
products are formulated naturally without harsh chemical, artificial fragrance, artificial colouring, preservative, SLS, EDTA, TEA, mineral oil, lanolin. not tested on animal. made from finest ingredients. 100% natural raw materials, vegetables oil and essential oil.

i did not have chance (i.e. time) to try them out yet.
not that i tak mandi daripada last week.
but i want to really take my own sweet time enjoying the scent and everything the soaps have to offer.
that needs a lot of time and concentration tau.

at this moment, i am too busy with schoolworks, exams and whatnot.
kalau mandi pun i fikir kerja periksa kerja periksa.
sob sob..

Thursday, May 27, 2010

need some rest and time

for 3 weeks starting this week my schedule was and will be so tight.
so tight that it would only work if i didn't sleep at nights.

i didn't sleep on monday & tuesday.
and yesterday, i slept like a baby.
mati la kan kalau tiap2 hari tak tido.

cannot imagine next week i'll be having exams on monday, tuesday & wednesday, consecutively.
indeed, i need some rest and time.

Monday, May 24, 2010

of motivating comment

"honestly MMJ rase u are n interesting person n of coz u have a very interesting u must have lots of interesting things happen...ataupun..u can flasback citer pasal dolu2...MMJ suke je na tau...please dun stop blogging!"

MMJ - May 21, 2010 3:23 AM

aww..this is the reason why i update this blog and put new entry.
and i think i can blame MMJ for hours wasted experimenting my blog.

anyway, thanks MMJ for the motivating comment.

my favorite line metilah "u can flashback citer pasal dolu2".

ohh i would love to do that.
so, it is time to collect materials, baybeh.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

color and buying intentions

i once twitted about how color affect my purchase intentions.
the twit sounds like this "color does matter.i used to bought things because of their colors.which sometimes i dont really need them" - aishahara.
huh tanak kalah letak aishahara.

did you ever realize that color has a powerful impact on your brain?
if not, then you might want to spend a few minutes to think about it.

case 1:
have you ever felt uneasy in certain places, while cheerful in some other places?
if yes, then it might be the color yang influence your mood but you didn't realize.
it is not that you like to be in a red room because it is your favorite color.
or you don't like to be in a green room because you just hate greens.
nooo.. bukan macam tu noks.
tapi macam lain.

case 2:
when people asked you to recall an object, a place, or even a person, color has the greater affect on recall.
the 1st thing that you remember normally would be - "ohh that blue makeup case", "the purple cafe kann?", "lahh that guy yang pakai baju putih tu ke?", etc.

so, due to its powerful impact on our brain, somehow color really does affect our buying decisions.
please agree, eh kalau tak agree pun takpe ni bukan kelas marketing.

eh kenape banyak pink?
saya bukan bimbo.


Friday, May 21, 2010

ngee hee

kalau sampai esok tak update blog i.e. letak new entry,maka genaplah sebulan blog ni terabai.