Friday, May 28, 2010

homemade soaps

no. these are not to be eaten.

last week i received a few of homemade soaps from my forum's friend.
i get to try out her algae mint, herbs scrub, cinnamon, kelapa, and beras ones.

i have to say that these soaps look so yummy.
you know, like a chocolate bar.
the smells are good too.

some info on these handmade soaps:
products are formulated naturally without harsh chemical, artificial fragrance, artificial colouring, preservative, SLS, EDTA, TEA, mineral oil, lanolin. not tested on animal. made from finest ingredients. 100% natural raw materials, vegetables oil and essential oil.

i did not have chance (i.e. time) to try them out yet.
not that i tak mandi daripada last week.
but i want to really take my own sweet time enjoying the scent and everything the soaps have to offer.
that needs a lot of time and concentration tau.

at this moment, i am too busy with schoolworks, exams and whatnot.
kalau mandi pun i fikir kerja periksa kerja periksa.
sob sob..

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