Seputeh Kapas Spa

seputeh kapas spa is located at sungai merab luar, bandar baru bangi, selangor.
based on the concept that the spa treatments should be an affordable luxury, just about everyone can enjoy the great spa experience without emptying their pockets.

at seputeh kapas spa, guests can expect to submerge into luxury with a comfortable surrounding, soft music, dim lights and calming aromatherapy along the session.
as for those who normally save up to go to the spa for a costly single visit, this gives them an advantage of regularly returning to the spa for a routine treatment and a relaxing experience.

the spa is a women-only spa and this allows women to move freely around the spa.
as for muslim women wearing the hijab, they do not risk being seen by men, while inappropriately dressed.

rejuvenate, relax and take pleasure, a warm welcome to seputeh kapas spa awaits you..

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