Sunday, November 29, 2009

congrats, seha

tomorrow noon, one of my spa assistants is getting engaged.
i decided to sponsor 2 items for the hantaran - cake and chocolate.
she just informed me about the engagement on wednesday.
after that i was busy with hari raya aidiladha.
only this evening i have time to decorate the hantaran.
so here are the outcomes - hope she'll like these.

got many things to do tomorrow.
1) i plan to kemas my bilik in the morning - kebarangkalian terjadi adalah sangat kecil - plan B, upah bibik wati or bibik mar to vacuum and get my room mopped.
2) then have to go to angel cake house in bangi to collect the cake.
3) after that heading to seha's house for the engagement party.
4) yang menyedihkan, have to work on the financial management assignmentS (notice the S) yang mana sangatlah banyak dan complicated ":| - which have to be submitted on monday. takut tak reti buat je sebab up til now i haven't look at them yet so i don't have any idea whether they are easy or what. but financial management of course la susah kan jangan harap dapat siap sekelip mata. yes, janji untuk tidak buat kerja last minute hanyalah dongeng belaka.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

work things out

last sunday we went to pwtc for the wedding fair.
the main purpose was not for that actually.
we (or he to be more specific) are more interested with the career fair.
so i made and printed 6 hard copy CVs for him.
there were about 60 exhibitors altogether.
and he applied for petronas, plus expressway, ktm bhd, klia holdings, tm and syabas.

then we went down for the wedding fair.
ohh i hate it - too sempit i think for a wedding fair.
very hard to move and look around.
plus i had senggugut on that day - and sadly it became worse at that time.
we were there for less than half an hour - or was it not even 20 minutes.
i just took all the brochures and pamphlets from the exhibitors.
seriously got no mood to ask questions or to belek2 anything.
and then i said - dah jom balek.
he didn't say anything and we went back to the car - with muke-tak-puas-hati on my sayang.
i knew there was something wrong with him but i was very the takde mood and malas nak berkata2 so i just ignored him.

later at night, we chatted on the phone.
rupenye die ingat i marah die padahal i tak marah die pon.
die ingat i marah die sbb tak ckop2 duit lagi nak kawen sampai i dah tua taun depan danak 26 taun - ohh tua nya i.

it isn't your fault sayang.
we will work on this thing together, okay?

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

it is critical

es ist traurig.
mein Fettgehalt hat mehr als 28% gestiegen.
was ist zu tun?
Ich hasse Diaeten.


it is sad.
my fat percentage has risen more than 28%.
what to do?
i hate dieting.

and my german is becoming too bad.
i started to forget many words.
and the grammar part is even worse.

eh back to the main topic - about the fat.
yeps, it is critical, very near to the borderline.
i used to have averagely 25% of fat in my body (25% +- 1%).
but lately my body feel so fat and heavy.
yes, i can feel it.

my weight?
currently, it is 55kg+.
i used to be 52kg +- 1kg.
so i am now about 3kg heavier than before.
and so sad THAT 3kgs are all fat - not muscle or water (water level still the same, still low) haha.

it is critical to the level that my sayang started asking me to go on diet.
normally he doesn't care about my body - maybe because i weighted 56kg when we start dating 4 years back.
and he also started to ask me to stop eating my favorite 'kulit ayam'.
btw it's not because of the gemuk issue - he worries about me getting breast cancer as i like (love is more suitable!) to eat 'kulit ayam' very much.
and also started to ask me to drink more plain water and drink less cold iced water (esp. iced tea that is wajib for me everyday).
plus also started to ask me to take supplements/vitamins for my body.
mmm he's getting weird.

this weekend, there will be a wedding exhibition at pwtc.
my sayang won't be around on friday and saturday because he got a wedding at kedah - his cousin's and he'll be the pengapit for the groom.
so maybe we go there on sunday - as planned.
for what?
i don't know.
for when?
don't know too.sigh.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

sacrifice brings life

"In this world it is not what we take up, but what we give up, that makes us rich." - Henry Ward Beecher

"To gain that which is worth having, it may be necessary to lose everything else." - Bernadette Devlin

"Great achievement is usually born of great sacrifice, and is never the result of selfishness." - Napoleon Hill

my family is now having a barbecue party at home.
my friends are now happily karaoke-ing without me.

i'm at work - meeting people, do treatment, give consultation and what not.
it is tiring; but worth it.

sacrifice brings life.

i wish he's not busy - so do i

ohh how we miss each other.
it has been a busy week for us.
he's busy with his work; i'm busy with spa and classes.
we both are busy with our own lives.

i might be this busy for 3-4 months onwards - until the end of this semester.
while for him - is never ending story.

for this semester, i promise myself to never ever delay and to do last-minute work.
i'll try to organize my work well so that at the end of the semester, i can concentrate for the exams only.
this sem i'll be taking 4 subjects - same with the previous.
but only 2 core courses - the rest 2 will be subjects from the concentration that i chose.
i've chose human resource & organizational management for my major.
there were 60 of us in my batch, but only 4 students are in this concentration.
many of us chose to be in finance or islamic banking or marketing.
i don't know why maybe because HR & OM sounds boring - but it suits me well because i'm a boring person haha.

as for my spa, alhamdulillah this few weeks we've got quite a good number of customers.
people start to know my spa - visitors are increasing from time to time.
word-of-mouth starts doing its job and sometimes 2 workers are just not enough to cater the demand.
but to add 1 more worker will be a very big decision which i think not necessary at this moment.
my trainee is improving - her skills are now lots better than before.
slowly i can concentrate on my class and the spa management.
how i wish i can have more time in a day.

and how i wish he's not busy..

Monday, November 2, 2009

they are lovely - just like you

“men are simple, women are complicated” - i am sure that you have heard or read about this like many times.
but for me personally, i think that men are more complicated than women.

why -

men don't like to open up.
i don't know - maybe it's one of their 'manly issues' haha.
they don't share their emotions with people around them.
they believe that 'emotions are weak' because women are showing their emotions and women are weak - is that relevant enough, no?

for them, they are not supposed to cry or to say that they are sad or lonely or love or whatever - they just hate showing emotions.

on the other hand, women are good at putting their emotions into thoughts, and then those thoughts into words - but men aren't.

just like my sayang - he doesn't really know how to express his feelings through words - he'd rather express it by actions.

but when he's ready to talk, i'll make sure that i am ready to listen - no matter what time it is.

sayang, thanks for the roses - they are lovely - just like you @->--