Wednesday, November 11, 2009

it is critical

es ist traurig.
mein Fettgehalt hat mehr als 28% gestiegen.
was ist zu tun?
Ich hasse Diaeten.


it is sad.
my fat percentage has risen more than 28%.
what to do?
i hate dieting.

and my german is becoming too bad.
i started to forget many words.
and the grammar part is even worse.

eh back to the main topic - about the fat.
yeps, it is critical, very near to the borderline.
i used to have averagely 25% of fat in my body (25% +- 1%).
but lately my body feel so fat and heavy.
yes, i can feel it.

my weight?
currently, it is 55kg+.
i used to be 52kg +- 1kg.
so i am now about 3kg heavier than before.
and so sad THAT 3kgs are all fat - not muscle or water (water level still the same, still low) haha.

it is critical to the level that my sayang started asking me to go on diet.
normally he doesn't care about my body - maybe because i weighted 56kg when we start dating 4 years back.
and he also started to ask me to stop eating my favorite 'kulit ayam'.
btw it's not because of the gemuk issue - he worries about me getting breast cancer as i like (love is more suitable!) to eat 'kulit ayam' very much.
and also started to ask me to drink more plain water and drink less cold iced water (esp. iced tea that is wajib for me everyday).
plus also started to ask me to take supplements/vitamins for my body.
mmm he's getting weird.

this weekend, there will be a wedding exhibition at pwtc.
my sayang won't be around on friday and saturday because he got a wedding at kedah - his cousin's and he'll be the pengapit for the groom.
so maybe we go there on sunday - as planned.
for what?
i don't know.
for when?
don't know too.sigh.


zLa said...

minor correction: bukan kulit ayam that u fell in love's lemak ayam la sayang

an oasis of beauty & tranquility... said...

haha sbb tu i wrote it as 'kulit ayam' bukan kulit ayam.okay tp lemak die sedap juge.lemak kambing sedap juge.lemak ikan keli pun wa layan.haha :P