Friday, October 15, 2010

i'm getting engaged uols!

girls, i'm getting engaged!
eh silap, WE are getting engaged.
fy-nah-ly huh.

the next event insyaAllah will take place in about 6 months from there.

i'm not really sure on how i feel.
not that excited.
maybe just a tiny little bit of excitement.

okay no, i'm lying.
it is not that tiny little bit.
maybe i am excited. maybe.

but i'm actually quite surprised on how it feels.
i should have been very excited.
i was expecting for an overly excited me.
not this perasaan biasa-biasa me.

maybe because i've waited for so long.
and been waiting for this for years.

i've so many things in my mind before.
i want this, i want that.
i want this thing to be like this and that thing to be like that.

but now that it is confirmed, i don't know where to start and what's next.
maybe an engagement checklist would be good, no?

so here it is, my engagement checklist.
randomly sorted.

date & time
confirm a date and time that is convenient for us and both sets of parents
decide on theme
prepare the guests list
notify guests about the engagement date
prepare invitation notes for neighbours
distribute the invitation notes
thorough clean the house
buy stuff to be put as hantaran
buy floor runners
decide on theme
buy hantaran decorations
finish up the hantaran
foods & related
decide on menu
book catering services
book for canopy
engagement outfit
buy fabrics for engagement outfit
design engagement outfit
send fabrics to bridal boutique / designer / tailor
go for an outfit fitting
pick up the engagement outfit
hunt for matching high heels
find a matching scarf
send the outfit for a dry clean
pick up the outfit from the laundry shop
survey for makeup artist
book for makeup artist
decide on to give or not to give
if give; decide on what to give, buy and get it ready
photographer & videographer
survey for an official photographer
arrange for an appointment with official photographer
book for an official photographer
decide on who’s going to be the speaker
inform and confirm with the speaker
buy a persalinan of baju melayu for the speaker
mini dais
choose a theme & design
buy material and decorations
do it
hand bouquet
decide on to do-it-myself or to buy-it
if d-i-m; buy flowers and do it
if buy-it; put an order
buy a whitening toothpaste
go for a facial
manicure & pedicure
hair treatment

please tell me if i left or dropped anything behind.


Mommy Sarah said...

hey u, Congrats!

white purple flower said...

thanks mommy sarah!

SalinaMohdFadzil said...

awak..mintak copy eh.kte pny engagement next month.satu ape pun x wat lg..hudhu

white purple flower said...

Hi salina!takpe.engagement is supposed to be very simple.1month for preparation is enough for u to hv a beautiful one :) congratulations.