Monday, October 4, 2010

towards the end of my student life

some says: "student life is a golden life. as there is no tension of work, money and anything. a student can bend his life as he or she wishes. no responsibilites. you can dream big dreams and hope that all your wishes will come true. the only thing is determination."

and some says: "student life is one stressful time for all of us. too much of studies, no freedom, worry of future, getting everday lectures, unit tests every month, never ending tuitions. it certainly was not easy, in fact i think it was one of the hardest periods of my life."

for me, it is a combination of both.

project deadlines, research papers, classes, exams - it was a very tiring and stressful process.
eh silap, i kinda enjoy attending classes.
i suka belajar, ye seriously i pelajar yang tekun.
but i don't like doing assignments and being forced to study for exams.

ohh ohh i like the concept of university life in germany.
no assignment, no project, no deadline, no research, no lab report, no everything (except your final year project paper lah, but that was different stories).
and yes, i tak tipu memang benar no lab report walaupun i student engineering (i'm not sure about fachhochschule since i was in a research university previously. i think they are different).
tapi yang sedihnya, 100% evaluation will be based on your exams.
dan itu adalah satu-satunya kesedihan yang melanda.

apart from the stressful-ness, i can say that i love my student life overall - primary school, secondary school, matriculation, ukm, ude, gsb.

but life goes on.
what starts, will finally ends.

it is now towards the end of my student life, i want to thank god and those who made it special (friends, teachers, friends, lecturers, friends, friends).

nak jadi student lagi :(


the unknown said...

seriously? everythin' depends on exam in germany?

wouldnt that be kinda bias? i know a lot of engineers who sux at examination but are great in their work.

had they gone to germany, they'd be at the bottom of the class.

white purple flower said...

yess for my university but as i said the case is different in fachhochschule..jpa and mara send their students to fachhochschule and not research uni like ukm does.fachhochschule is a uni of applied science which are highly practice-oriented..they are so much on the application of theories and that's why most engineers from there are great in their work :)