Friday, October 1, 2010

NLP for entrepreneurial mindset

have you ever heard about NLP?

NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming.
it is a new and growing tools for thinking and decision making.
it is a soft skills - sort of manual for the brain.
and it is a techniques for change.

neurology, language and programming are three most influential components involved in producing human experience.
- neurological system regulates how our bodies function (the biology of thinking process);
- language determines how we interface and communicate with other people; and
- programming determines the kinds of models of the world we create.

i went to a seminar on "NLP for strategic management" last saturday.
obviously, the seminar was compulsory.
yelah kan weekend di bulan syawal baik pergi open house daripada pergi seminar, sigh.

the talk was given by dr. ian halsall, a ukm-gsb senior visiting fellow.
a little background on him, he was with shell, procter & gamble and dupont for 11 years before he became an entrepreneur.
he has 14 years experience in running his own business and currently is an owner of 3 companies.
he is also an author with five books published - mostly on NLP in business.
apart from a senior visiting fellow for ukm-gsb, he is also a visiting lecturer at insead (singapore campus).
ohh anyway, he got his PhD from cambridge and an MBA from Warwick business school.

overall, the talk was interesting and we've learned a few of new knowledge from him.
i said a few of because the talk was basically just like an introduction for NLP.
honestly, that was the 1st time i've ever heard about NLP - never came across that term before.

i will not explain too much on NLP - well, you can google it for more info.
but overall it's about how brain functioning and how to get ppl to follow us, the role of language in persuasion and motivation and the roles of automatic responses and conditioning in ppl.
it's a good skills btw, especially for entrepreneur.

okay meh nak promote ukm-gsb sat.

ukm-gsb is going to organize a program namely "NLP for entrepreneurial mindset" on this coming 26 and 27 october.
the program will be held for 2 days from 10am till 5pm and it will take place in puri pujangga, ukm, bangi.
the fee is rm1600 only (uhuk uhuk, only?) inclusive of course notes, certificate, lunch and refreshments.
the course is HRDF claimable (HRDF = human resources development fund).

for enquiries, you can contact them directly at 03-89214483/4484/3457 or send them email at

kalau tak seribu-enam-ratus i dah join dah, down.


the unknown said...

ukm graduate school for business?

$1600 for nlp is common. they charge a lot for the course.

but did u know that the creators of nlp are not gettin anythin?

google on the creators. :P

white purple flower said...

no i don't know abt that.i just know that the trainer makes a lot of money :p the speaker said he made thousands per day for consulting malaysian company on nlp.

the unknown said...

true. someone i know makes bout $3000/day on nlp.

the creators couldnt maintain ownership on nlp coz ppl say it's a discipline, not a product.

white purple flower said...

thanks for sharing :)

jeeny said...

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white purple flower said...

hi jeeny, thanks for dropping by and for the nice words there..this blog is actually a mixture of valuable info n personal useless info :p do come again.