Friday, August 31, 2012

my lil brother's wedding

hello & happy merdeka day.

you know what.. today, i feel like blogging :)
i don't know why, it must be hormonal issue or something.
funny that i chose to blog about my lil bro's wedding that was held in march.

i helped him with his hantaran, pelamin, stairs deco, room deco, and a few other things which i don't really remember since the event took place months back.

the thing that i loved the most was the hantaran, i mean, among things that i did.
i chose to have arrangements of combination of bright colored fresh flowers and white.
normally for hantaran, ppl would go for pastel colored fresh flowers.
so i wanted to try something fresh & different.
and these are the results...

aren't they lovely?
they are, no?
haha nevermind if you don't think so, as long as i was & am still happy with my work.

by the way, the family theme color for the akad nikah was purple.
while bride & groom were wearing off whites.
i was wearing typical modern kurung.

with the groom @ my lil brother

the beautiful bride

the akad nikah & reception event were held on the same day.
for the reception, the newly married couple was dressed in brown colored suit cut baju melayu & gown.
honestly, i didn't really like the color, but the gown cutting was nice.

the following day was event at my parents' house for groom side.
the theme color was pink + gold, same theme color as my akad nikah.
i was wearing modern kurung with pleated chiffon skirt, while the groom & bride were dressed in white attire.
i love the bride's dress, well, i was the one who chose it anyway.
and i love the makeup too!

ohh did i mention that the pelamin was made by yours truly?
yeah, but it was just a simple one.
i wasn't really satisfy with the outcome, but still, it's better than my wedding pelamin.
the rule of thumb in making self-made pelamin - less is more.

not the pengantin!

here i present some of the best photos from the wedding from my sis camera.
see captions for description :)

Look! We have giant cupcake for the cake cutting.

rose petals to prettify the dressing table

we have gamelan on that day

mini banner that i made (with vector images taken from the net)

goodie bags

i don't have pictures of stairs & room deco made by me, well trust me it was just a simple one.
so i guess, that's it!
an eventful event it was :)