Friday, April 27, 2012

sabah trip with LOVE! (part 2)

this is a continuation of sabah trip with LOVE! (part 1).

hello lovelies.
i just came back from a vacation in krabi.
krabi trip was great!

but before i furnish you with our krabi trip stories, i'll share with you pictures from our previous sabah trip.
details & stories about the trip can be read here.

in front of the hotel that we stayed

the small but very nice room to stay

look! that's kinabalu mount at the back

at tagal sungai moroli, kampung luanti

feeding the fish

that's A LOT!

at sabah tea plantation

at poring hot spring

at desa cattle, mesilau dairy farm

at kinabalu park

at pasar malam kg ayer

at gaya sunday street market

at jeselton point

mamutik island

snorkeling time!

manukan island

we rented our car here

bye2 KK!

till then.
have a nice weekend, lovelies!

Friday, April 6, 2012

sabah trip with LOVE! (part 1)

last time, i went there with my close friends & i found that sabah is one of malaysia's best holiday spots.
so i was thinking of getting the same great experience again but this time with my other half.
anyway, my entry of the previous sabah trip can be read here.

last time we were staying at the heart of kk town which i think SO not suitable for honeymooners like us.
so this time i chose to stay a bit far but not too far away from the city centre.

so yeay grand borneo hotel it is!

the hotel is located at about 7km from the city centre & it is part of 1borneo shopping complex.
me myself, i think the hotel is near to perfect.
the only thing that makes it less than perfect is the absence of parking facility for the guests.
we had to pay for the parking (inside the mall) & it is not cheap especially on weekends.
you can always park your car by the roadside anyway, but we don't want to take the risk.
well, better safe than sorry, no?
apart from the parking problem, everything else was fine.

as of the car, we rented it from hertz (sime darby car rental).
i did some research & i found that hertz offers the best rates, but that only applies if you book the car online.
yeah, you too can book online to enjoy the best rates.
they gave us a new hyundai accent for only at rm115 per day, well that's the price for myvi if we were to rent from other company or individual.
even last time my friends & i rented an obsolete pesona at discounted price of rm150 per day.
so yeah, hertz is highly recommended especially if you are flying using malaysia airlines because they are located in terminal 1.
if you are flying with air asia, you will have to take a taxi to terminal 1 from terminal 2 which will cost you another rm30 for one way taxi trip (mind you, you'll need to do the same thing upon returning car), and that was what we did.
we don't mind paying extra rm60 for the taxi in order to get good car & the total is actually still cheaper than renting from others.

below is the itinerary throughout our stay.
i can say that we really had fun & i enjoyed the trip so much.
i'm too lazy to elaborate each item like i always did, so i will put it in a simple point form with hope that it still can help others in planning holiday in kk.

friday, 2 march 2012
- arrived in kk
- checked in to the hotel
- dinner at salut seafood

saturday, 3 march 2012
- breakfast & off to kundasang/ranau
- to tagal sungai moroli at kampung luanti
- to sabah tea plantation
- to poring hot spring
- lunch at tapak tamu ranau
- to desa cattle, mesilau dairy farm
- to kinabalu park
- dinner at gayang seafood
- shopping at pasar malam kg. ayer
- supper at tanjung aru food court

sunday, 4 march 2012
- breakfast at gaya street
- shopping at gaya sunday street market
- to jeselton point to get boat to the islands
- snorkeling time!
- shopping at pasar ikan masin
- dinner at pasar filipino

monday, 5 march 2012
- breakfast
- shopping frozen foods to bring back home
- off to the airport & back to kl

pictures are coming up in part 2, insyaAllah! :)

family trip to port dickson (part 3)

this is a continuation of family trip to port dickson (part 2) and family trip to port dickson (part 1).

huhu, i just realized that i still owe you one post which is supposed to be filled with the pictures from the trip!
but since the trip is way way back then already, i think a few pics will do, no?

i actually wanted to do new entries on my sabah trip & also on my brother's wedding which was held last month.
but i felt responsible to complete the uncompleted 'work' before i can proceed with the new ones (with the hope that this entry is sufficient to tell that i've done my 'work').

so, enjoy the pics!

yeay, i'm done!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

shazwani hamid's birthday bash (part 2)

this is a continuation of shazwani hamid's birthday bash (part 1).

you've read the stories in part 1, so now i present you the pictures from the party!
i actually have hundreds of pics with me, thanks to the photographers, lina & also shikin for bringing their cameras & even tripod to the party.

well, enjoy the pics!

finding ideas

choosing pictures

getting the present done

everyone takes part

this task seems easy, but it is not!

name tagging

the backdrop

the little notes

the finished artwork

the garden salad

marinara spaghetti

garlic breads

the garden sandwich

fixing our shawls

the beautiful setting

the crews

showing off our corsages

group photo

some more group photo

with zuen & afra

chit chatting while waiting for wani



still speechless?

giving out birthday gift

posing with the custom made poster

cake cutting

balloons balloons!

girl power!