Monday, June 28, 2010

of sabah trip

sabah trip was awesome.
we managed to follow our planned itinerary very well.
almost all of the planned itinerary checked.
thanks to the great planner :"> ^smile shy shy^

actually, 5 days are more than enough.
in fact, we were out of energy during the 5th day.

of course there were imperfections here and there.
you know, things like selalu kena pau by locals, expensive foods and merchandises.
but overall, i can say that we had fun.
yes, we had fun!
sorry for repeating the same line, i just wanted to stress out that we had fun, really.
okay, 3 times already. period.

below is the planned itinerary.
the red fonts are ones that we didn't manage to do.

Friday, 18 June 2010
- arrive in KK at about 16:00 (solat di airport, tunggu kereta sewa sampai)
- drive the rented car to our apartment
- to tanjung aru beach
- catch the sunset (it was raining quite heavily on that day..sigh)
- dinner @ tanjung aru (should have gone to tanjung aru 2 for dinner, but because of the heavy rains we ended up having dinner at the normal foodcourt..rugi rugi)

Saturday, 19 June 2010
- early Breakfast
- off to Kundasang at 7am
- singgah Jambatan Tamparuli (kotor..nothing much. but we took photos like it was the best place to visit. haha we are experts in faking smiles btw)
- singgah Pekan Nabalu (we did not actually singgah. but we drove through that area)
- to Kinabalu Park
- to Poring Spring (we opted for enclosed bath tub for 1 hour)
- Tropical Garden, Orchid Garden & Butterfly Farm (nothing to visit anyway, these places are not well-maintained)
- Canopy Walkway (no enough time & energy to walk)

- Kundasang War Memorial (under construction)
- Mesilau Dairy Farm (ohh i love this place the most.. beautiful scenaries and sejuk. felt like in new zealand. and i love the fresh milk sold here.. so fresh and sedap sampai rasa dutch lady tak sedap)
- 'Tagal' Sungai Moroli, Kampung Luanti - Fish Massage (no enough time for this isk because it is quite far from other places)
- Sabah Tea (also don't have enough time for this sebab dah gelap and we still have to drive back to KK)

- gerak to KK (sangat bahaya.. jalan gelap & licin.. alhamdulillah we arrived safely in KK)
- dinner lokan bakar @ tuaran (ohh what a nice dinner we had at gayang seafoods.. i ate like i don't mind being fat!)

Sunday 20 June 2010
- Gaya Street Fair (nice place for shopping. you can get great bargain here. this place offers many things from handicraft items to clothes and even pets)
- Monsopiad Cultural Village (we learned about sabahans especially kadazans a lot here. i had special moments during cultural show)
- Pasar Ikan Masin (my friends bought ikan masin like they wanted to eat ikan masin for 3months straight)
- Filipino Market (mahal..don't shop here, seriously)
- Dinner at pasar (murah and sedap nyum2)
- Pasar Kg Ayer (also nice place for shopping especially for pearls and crystals)

Monday 21 June 2010
- off to islands (went to 5 islands! gile tak? mamutik, manukan, sulug, sapi & gaya)
- snorkeling (you can find the best corals & underwater view in sapi island)
- spa time! (foot reflexology after a long tiring day)
- dinner @ Waterfront

Tuesday 22 June 2010
- 1Borneo Mall tour (the largest "hypermall" in KK, but it was very much smaller compared even to Midvalley)
- to the airport

phew, actually there are so much to write.
how about letting pictures to do the stories?
mind you that i have difficulties in choosing the best set of pictures to be put here.
nak susun gambar pun dah malas.
so please note that these pics are chosen randomly and aren't properly sorted.

arrive in KK
dinner @ tanjung aru
off to kundasang-ranau area
gunung kinabalu di belakang!
view from kinabalu park
kinabalu park
enclosed bath tub @ poring spring
tamparuli bridge
botanical garden
poring spring
view from kinabalu pine resort
mesilau dairy farm
i love you all
gaya street market
perfect travel companions
menosopiad cultural village
pose pose pose
bye2 cultural village
cultural show
cultural village team
dinner @ pasar
we had so much energy for snorkel
beautiful underwater views
@1borneo hypermall
bye2 KK

ohh i almost forget.
there was a thing we did that i wasn't plan to do it earlier.
to watch rafflesia!
cool, huh?
actually we came across a banner in front of the locals' house stating "rafflesia blooming".
we stopped at the house and were told that there is rafflesia blooming at the back of their house.
of course we had to pay to watch it, but why not?
we cannot find rafflesia like anywhere in the world, right?

KK, i'll visit you again surely.
and next time, with mr. husband, insyaAllah ngee :D


rapheydhillo said...

Thanx for sharing. Boleh bg contact no. for car rental tak? Kete apa u amik & how much?


white purple flower said...

hi..sure!0168470945(en. don).i amek kereta pesona auto.rm190/day tapi lepas tawar2 dapat rm600/4days.neway,apartment pun i sewa dr en don jugak.en. don ade banyak jenis kereta dr kecik sampai mpv,manual/auto.

alizamarwa said...

hai...i nak tanya...otw dari KK ke kundasang senang tak nak cari jalan...then nak jupe petrol pump senang tak?thankszer

white purple flower said...

hi..jalan okayla sbb weols ikut signboard je.ada sekali je tersilap simpang tu pun tak sesat jauh.kena refer map amik kat airport KK.kat situ kita dah dapat bayangan nak menghala ke arah mana..petrol pump awal2 kat KK kena isi penuh..pastu kat kundasang pun kena isi jugak.sbb otw tu jalan kampung je :)