Sunday, June 24, 2012

anniversary in krabi (part 1)

ouh it took me 2 months to blog about our krabi trip.
i should do this earlier, now that it's already months, i started to forgot things about this lovely trip.

we were there on april to celebrate our 1st year's anniversary, to enjoy some sand & sea together.
we love krabi so much that we felt like staying there forever.
it was nothing like here.
we love the fact that nobody rushed, even the tourist didn't.
it was a very relaxing 4 days in our lives.

we stayed at sunda resort.
it is just a 2- or 3-star resort, i think.
i got the room very cheap from groupon.
the resort is not located by the beach, but there was a free shuttle service from the resort to the beach area from morning till night.
the room was just so-so, but we loved the service.
the staff were really helpful, like really really.
there are plenty of nice hotels & resots in krabi.
competition is tough & that's why they were giving us the best that they have, well, that's just my assumption tho.

we did nothing on our first day because we arrived quite late.
we did go out to get something for dinner.
we had our dinner at chaba halal restaurant.
after that we tried to find something to do on our next day.
so we talked to a trip tour agent & have chose to go to phi phi island.

the second day, phi phi island boat trip it is.
we went to several places including pileh bay, monkey bay, maya bay, viking cave, phi phi don island & bamboo island (i think there are lots more, but i just can't remember).
the view at pileh bay is fantastic, so does at maya bay.
apart from sightseeing, we also did some snorkeling.
my husband does not like snorkeling like i do, so he didn't enjoy that activity like i did.
it's like having fun time all alone.
i wish "my snorkeling friends" were there, well, you know who you are.

the boat trip was a 1-day trip from 8am to 4pm.
we were back to our hotel, feeling so tired.
i called a masseur for a thai massage session in our hotel room.
the thai massage was really good, maybe because the masseur is a thai lady & i do it in thailand.
haha does it make sense to you?
later at night, we had our dinner at the same restaurant like a night before, chaba restaurant.
i don't know why we chose to have our 2nd dinner at the very same restaurant, maybe because we were too tired to think.

third day, our initial plan was to have an elephant trekking or kayaking or water rafting (there are so much things you can do in krabi), but we didn't have the energy to do so.
we were still tired haha, so we just walked around the aonang beach town the whole day.
we did some shopping for families, friends and of course for ourselves.

later at night, we had a candlelight dinner to celebrate our 1st anniversary at the hotel.
i told the lady at the reception that it is our anniversary so we want to have a proper dinner for 2 & it would be great to have a candlelight dinner.
we were really surprised that they did their best for the dinner.
we thought that we would be having that candlelight dinner at their restaurant, but they placed us in a special room & did a great preparation for us (with no extra cost).
there was romantic background music being played for us & they left us in that room after they served our foods, leaving just the two of us.
well, i guess the rest is history :)
it was a lovely effort from them & we do really appreciate it.

forth day which is our last day, we woke up late.
we did nothing until 12pm, when the taxi guy picked us up at the hotel.

so there was our sweet escape.
it was a sweet, memorable anniversary to the both us!

p/s: part 2 is coming up for pictures.

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