Tuesday, January 12, 2010

wedding course

last weekend, we went for the wedding course @ darul irsyad, wangsa maju.
the place is located on the same row with cheng ho restaurant - just a walking distance from wangsa walk.

it was a one-and-a-half-day course.
the course started at 2.30pm until 6.45pm on the first day and from 9.00am on the second day.
there were 6 slots altogether - 2 slots on saturday and 4 slots on sunday.

all speakers were okay except for one yang a bit garang.
the best one is ustaz nasir - very softspoken - he covered slot for akidah, ibadah and perhubungan & konflik dalam keluarga.
overall, the course was just a 'so-so' one.

the foods weren't good.
the seats weren't comfortable enough.
the speakers were just okay.
the contents were below what i was expected - very little on technical things, more on common sense just like a normal talk.

they should explain more on the procedure i think.
they did explain briefly about the procedure before getting married.
the form, the kebenaran imam qariah, hiv test and all - very brief.
and nothing on the procedure after the marriage.

i won't recommend you to go there.
i forgot to do any research before attending the course - that's my fault.

never mind, at least another checklist settled.
more to go.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

he's back and i'm happy

i feel so bored and empty without my sayang.
we've been with for years - 2 weeks has gone by so slow.

i'm very happy that he's finally back.