Monday, March 21, 2011

detailed wedding checklist

a wedding checklist can be a big help in the process of preparing a wedding.
it is a MUST!
or if not, you may overlook some important elements of the wedding.

my previous wedding checklist was quite comprehensive which you may have a look in this entry.
the list consists of things to do BEFORE & DURING the wedding.

although i already have that comprehensive wedding checklist, still, it is not enough.
i need a more detailed checklist to help me to stay in track along the process.
for example, i forgot to include the corsages and direction signage in that checklist.
and also small but vital things such as parking space, kompang, or any of other little details that will make the wedding so special.

so here it is, the detailed wedding checklist of mine.

majlis khatam
-baju pengantin checked
-tudung pengantin checked
-selendang pengantin checked
-baju pengiring checked
-tudung pengiring checked
majlis nikah
-baju pengantin checked
-tudung pengantin checked
-veil pengantin checked
-hiasan kepala pengantin checked
-baju pengapit checked
-baju keluarga checked
-baju pengantin checked
-tudung pengantin checked
-veil pengantin checked
-hiasan kepala pengantin checked
-kasut pengantin checked
-baju pengapit checked
-baju keluarga checked

-senarai jemputan checked
-kad jemputan kenduri checked
-kad jemputan nikah checked
-dapatkan alamat checked
-tulis nama/alamat checked
-pos kad jemputan checked
-hantar kad jemputan by hand checked

-tentukan menu checked
-tentukan menu makan beradab checked

susunan khemah & meja
-tentukan susunan khemah & meja checked
-tentukan hiasan meja beradab checked
-tentukan hiasan meja kek checked
-centerpieces nikah checked
-centerpieces kenduri checked

-sireh junjung
-cincin checked
-grooming set checked
-wallet & belt checked
-quran checked
-sejadah checked
-kek checked
-coklat checked
-hiasan hantaran checked

gifts & favors
majlis khatam
-telur checked
majlis nikah
-yassin untuk tetamu checked
-sejadah untuk rombongan checked
-dodol untuk tetamu checked
-berkat untuk tetamu special
*muffin 4pcs checked
*telur 2biji checked
*nasi impit checked
*rendang daging checked
*yassin checked
-bunga telur untuk yg sgt special checked
-sejadah untuk hadiah petugas checked

-sewa alatan pelamin checked
-beli bunga untuk hiasan pelamin checked
-lain-lain aksesori pelamin checked
-buat pelamin

bilik tidur pengantin & hiasan tangga
-tempah langsir checked
-beli perabot checked
-repair benda-benda rosak checked
-cat bilik pengantin checked
-hiasan bilik checked
-hiasan tangga

-bunga pegang nikah checked
-bunga pegang kenduri checked
-payung pengantin checked
-kipas pengantin checked
-bunga manggar checked
-bantal nikah checked
-tag petugas checked
-direction signage checked
-makeup checked
-photographer checked
-spa checked
-kompang checked
-parking checked
-kek untuk potong kek checked
-emcee checked
-PA system checked
-music/entertainment checked
-senarai AJK petugas checked
-mesyuarat dengan keluarga checked
-mesyuarat dengan orang kampung checked

plan your wedding wisely.
do not do or plan to do everything at the very last minute.
the best is to do as much as you can far in advance, so that you won't get too stress when the day is approaching.
get enough rest especially a week before the wedding day.
perform empowerment, ask your family or friend to help you.

doakan semoga majlis saya berjalan lancar dan diberkati, amin.

*checked item tak semestinya dah fully settle. tapi either in progress or booked or bought or discussed or ordered or maybe more than halfway done.


~ US *_* ~ said...

mai aii..pjgnye list kamu

white purple flower said...

well, tu pun aku rs mcm byk benda tertinggal -_-

pelangi said...

rs mcm nak dekat aje..
unos hari2 tny psl ko ready ke tak sume..
ada nak tlg apa2 ke..
and maybe nak jumpa b4 wedding..
anyway i know ur gonna do fine..
ko xse kelam kabut aku..

white purple flower said...

okay lah sume.
nak mintak tlg,nak pinjam brg2 yg aku sms aritu.
tu la nak g umah ko nak anta kad skali.
bila tatau lagi.
bila ko free?

pelangi said...

paling2 free is on weekend..
sbb weekdays iols skrg amat bz.
sbb dak2 ni nak exam da kan..
nnt singgah la kejap ari sabtu ke ahad pagi..aku slalu time mcm tu ade kat umah.. :))

white purple flower said...

okay.but this weekend mmg tak boleh sebab nak pergi terengganu.tgk lah next weekend ataupun lepas2 tu k.ape2 aku gtau.

Anonymous said...

kek untuk potong kek? hadtoi..
-datin saz-

white purple flower said...

canggih tak datin?potong kek pakai kek tak pakai pisau :))