Tuesday, March 22, 2011

another spa deal

look what i've got for myself!

yeayy another spa voucher from milkadeal.

the deal is simply irresistible, i can't help myself but to buy it.

but i need 8 more people to buy it before the deal is confirmed.
so lovelies, what are you waiting for.
don’t spend another second thinking about it, just grab this deal!

this special package deal consists of:
-45 minutes of signature purifying facial
-45 minutes of aromatherapy body massage
-15 minutes of rose salt body scrub
-15 minutes of steam bath
-30 minutes of foot spa

the voucher is to be redeemed at S spa, mont kiara.

can't wait!
must find time to go there.

get yours at milkadeal, now!


~ US *_* ~ said...

nape sblm aku kawen xpena plak ade deal2 cmnih hinsss

white purple flower said...

zaman dah berubah :)