Thursday, March 24, 2011

button badges for petugas at my wedding


this is the finalized artwork design for button badges that will replace the corsages on my wedding.

ppl said, virgo's are very practical.
and i second that.

i find it impractical to spend on corsages which will be thrown away right after the wedding.
and that's why i chose to have button badges for petugas at my wedding.

young ppl can keep it and make it into one of their accessories, e.g. put it on their bags or whatever.
the adults can give it to their children or they are always welcome to keep it too!

phew. i feel so relieved to know that i had settled another item in the checklist.

next, finding vendor that can provide me cheap bunting for direction signage.


khaleysa ellyana said...

kak aishah izzati x dpt kew..huhuhuu

white purple flower said...

nak ke?nnt kak aishah simpan satu k

pelangi said...

nak jugok!

p.s : ko gi terengganu wat pe?

white purple flower said...

haha okay2.

aku tak jadi ikut sbb byk benda nak settlekan kat sini.ayah mama pergi dengan adik2 je.

psss..pergi berkenalan dengan family sarah-talha :))

sabtu or ahad ni ada kat rumah?

pelangi said...

xlama lagi le tuh..
bagus gak xikut..unos pesan b2b xleh berjln jauh2..drh tgh manis..ehehe..

ada je dkt rumah..nak dtg eh?
boleh..boleh..nnt msg i k..

white purple flower said...

haha baru berkenalan lahh.paling cpt next year kut.

klasik jugak unos ni eh.

okay nnt iols msg dulu sblm dtg.tatau lagi sabtu or ahad k.nak send card skali.