Thursday, September 30, 2010

let's fix our bad posture

i have a bad posture - standing, walking or sitting.

having a bad posture is not good, everybody knows.
it leads to headaches, upper back strain, shoulder aches, fatigue, muscular strain and paling dibenci unattractive posture.

i really need to fix my bad posture.

i keep reminding myself to stand straight, don’t slouch, keep shoulders back, chest out and stomach in.

but normally, i will maintain a good posture for only about 5 minutes before i'm back to a poor posture shape.

to have and keep a good posture is really a hard work.

i did some readings on how to correct bad posture.
most articles would stress the importance of exercises to avoid bad posture.
and not to forget to try keeping good posture and making it as a habit.

it'll be hard in the beginning but after some time, you'll get used to it.

so pretties, let's work on our posture!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

forgo long train and long veil?

every woman wants to look and feel perfect or at least good on her big day.

with so many bridal styles available nowadays, how to choose a wedding dress style that suits me?

first, let's identify my body type.

i'm not big but not small either.
i have a little extra meat on my body (ceh meat kunun, padahal fat).
basically there are four general body types.

mine is hourglass - equal hip and bust measurements with a narrow waist.
haha pembohong!

mine is between apple and rectangular - broad shoulders, full bust, undefined waist, waist is about the same as hips, and large thighs.
more like a cylinder - down rendah diri.

between ball gowns, a-line dresses, empire line dresses, and mermaid dresses which one do you think suits me best?

me myself, i prefer both empire line and a-line - something in between those styles.

the clever empire line style is good to conceal a larger waist.
tends to elongate the body, giving an appearance of being taller.
while the a-line is good to hide hips and large thighs.

and i want it to be simple yet elegant.

simple means to forgo long train and long veil, with minimal detailings and simple jewellery.

i know that it takes a certain confidence to keep things simple, but the effects are always stunning.

what say you?

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

give and help save lives

do you know that there are 925 million undernourished people in the world today? (Source: FAO news release, 14 September 2010)
- meaning one in seven people do not get enough food to be healthy and lead an active life.

do you know that hunger and malnutrition are the number one risk to the health worldwide?
- greater than AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis combined.

so now that you know.
join me help KFC and the World Food Programme to fight hunger around the world.

your contribution is rm3 and you will get above small notepad and pen.

to pay extra rm3 on your meal won't effect you in any way.
at least you are helping to put an end to hunger and make the world a brighter place for all.

don't make assumptions

ppl have a tendency to make assumptions.
ppl make assumptions about what others are thinking or doing, what motivates them, what their personal history is.. everything.

the problem with making assumptions is that the mind cannot differentiate between what is real and what is just a thought.
ppl create the stories themselves and believe they are the truth.

sometimes, i do also have a tendency to make assumptions.
i overanalyze on what someone has done or what ppl think or feel about me without checking the facts.

to make assumptions is an easy task.
but hey, that is not the way the world works!

by making assumptions, we tend to see what we want to see.
we tend to hear what we want to hear.
we do not perceive things the way they actually are.
and worse thing worst, we believe that they are right.

making assumptions leads to a lot of difficulties and misunderstandings.

just remember that we cannot read other ppl's mind.
and our thinking and style might be different from others.
what is important to us and what we believe are definitely not the same for others.

ppl do not have a same set of values.
so it is impossible for us to know why someone is how they are or does what they do.

don't complicate your life by making too much of assumptions.
or if you still want, ask questions to clarify before you jump into conclusion.

Friday, September 24, 2010

diari syawal aishah (part 2)

5th day raya
-we are still in muar
-visit relatives from morning till we headed back to kl at about 6pm (cece kl la sangat, kajang okay, kajang!)

7th day raya
-mama admitted to the hospital
-beraya at pok de's
-'join' mama at the hospital; lepak-lepak sambil curi makan bubur mama

9th day raya
-open house! (thanks for those who came!)

10th day raya
-to shahrul & sakinah's open house at sakinah's parents'

14th day raya
-to MLG open house at puri pujangga.

haha, sorry for treating my blog just like a flickr account and not as a blog.
looks like i am back as a seasonal blogger wee.

at least i am not like adek.
blog dia macam twitter account :p

hmm i am thinking of joining nuffnang digi contest to win iphone4.
but it needs me to write one entry per day for four consecutive days from today till 27th.
most creative blog posts overall wins the iphone4.
i have two problems.
one - i am not a consistent person. i know that i'll manage to write on it for the first two days only.
two - my blog post was never creative.

again, 'diari syawal aishah' to be continued..

Monday, September 20, 2010

diari syawal aishah (part 1)

1st day raya
-salam-salam and bagi-bagi duit raya
-photo taking session

-busy melayan guests a.k.a. serve & top-up foods, basuh-basuh pinggan mangkuk cawan, salam-salam, take photos (eh macam aktiviti ulangan je)
-off to pak long's after zuhur

-again, busy with guests
-and off to cik non's at 2230

2nd day raya
-old town's session with adik-adik

-off to auntie maria's (neighbour) and pok lid's after zuhur

4th day raya
-photo taking session (again?)

-off to jb, visit mak ngah

-off to muar, visit wak mah & bik nong

to be continued...

Friday, September 10, 2010

happy hari raya

and finally, it's raya again.

may your raya be filled with happiness and joy.
drive safely and don't risk your life.
have a defensive driving and a blessed raya.
hey, it's time for remembering your loved ones!

for those who celebrate hari raya aidilfitri, happy hari raya and maaf zahir batin.
i hope you enjoy your raya in your own special way.

me myself, this year is going to be a seriously colorful raya for me.

ohh ohh semangat!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

online friendship

in my opinion, online friend is just as good as a real friend.
i have quite a few number of friends which i knew over the internet.
most of them are from health & beauty forum that i joined since 2003.
i was an active forumer back then.
but not now since i don't have much time to join into the discussions.
these days, i logged into the forum at the average of once per month je.

i still keep in touch with a few of them via facebook.
i've met some of them in real world.
and some have now became my customers.

my online friends are no less important to me than my "real life" friends.
some of them are even closer to me than my "real life" friends.

yesterday, i've received a package from cocos island, australia.
i didn't shock as the sender had informed me earlier that she was sending me something for my birthday present.
but i never thought that she was sending me that big package with so many things inside.

thank you so much kak hamidah for the wonderful presents.
it's very kind of you.

anyway, kak hamidah is one of tenun kapas' customers which i knew over the internet.
haha i know i know.
nothing to do with the forum's friend which i told earlier haha.
that one was solely an introduction to this entry on online friendship haha.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

thank you, sayang

i had waited 26 years for that day.

my 25th birthday celebration was a blast.

kak uteh's house

and so was the 23rd.


the night before my birthday, i was excited and dreamt of my 26th birthday.
the next afternoon, i received an SMS from my bf inviting me for an iftar cum birthday celebration date.
i texted mama and mama said okay.

the first plan was to have it at palm garden hotel.
but i checked online and that hotel was not in the jakim halal list for buffet ramadhan.
so we went to cyberview lodge as that place was in the list.

the end to a perfect evening was not so perfect as there was no birthday gift for me.
i didn't ask for an expensive gift.
gifts don't have to be expensive and the best ones are normally sentimental things that would mean something.
lagipun i was expecting something because we've been together for nearly 5 years and he never missed giving me birthday gifts.

on saturday i was at my spa when he came and handed me a black box.
yeyy it was a birthday gift.
and it is awesome.

thank you, sayang.
i love you!

Friday, September 3, 2010

penang village, alamanda

had an iftar at penang village, alamanda again with BFF.
iftar was organized by aini.
but as i am the one who can be there the earliest than the rest, i was assigned to walk-in and book for a place.

sampai alamanda at about 6pm.
at first, i thought of booking a place at bayou.
sadly, bayou bahagian dalam dah penuh, and i tak nak duduk luar.
but no hal sebab semua restaurants ada buffet ramadhan.
bayou at rm39 nett, chakri express at rm45, and penang village at rm39++.
tu je yang sempat tengok.
penang village still ada kosong kat dalam, so i paid deposit and settled with that place.

nice foods, nice place, great people.
thanks to my friends for the cake and the birthday presents.
anyway my birthday was on the 25th, last week.
entry on cyberview lodge was actually for my birthday celebration.
but no cake, no gift, no whatever from him.
so i pun malas nak cakap yang itu adalah my birthday, sigh.
yeyy~ sweet bf sudah bagi hadiah birthday harini :) 040910

as usual, enjoy the pixies.