Wednesday, September 8, 2010

thank you, sayang

i had waited 26 years for that day.

my 25th birthday celebration was a blast.

kak uteh's house

and so was the 23rd.


the night before my birthday, i was excited and dreamt of my 26th birthday.
the next afternoon, i received an SMS from my bf inviting me for an iftar cum birthday celebration date.
i texted mama and mama said okay.

the first plan was to have it at palm garden hotel.
but i checked online and that hotel was not in the jakim halal list for buffet ramadhan.
so we went to cyberview lodge as that place was in the list.

the end to a perfect evening was not so perfect as there was no birthday gift for me.
i didn't ask for an expensive gift.
gifts don't have to be expensive and the best ones are normally sentimental things that would mean something.
lagipun i was expecting something because we've been together for nearly 5 years and he never missed giving me birthday gifts.

on saturday i was at my spa when he came and handed me a black box.
yeyy it was a birthday gift.
and it is awesome.

thank you, sayang.
i love you!

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