Thursday, June 30, 2011

hantaran deco

to prepare the hantaran was honestly a little-to-no stress moment for me.
probably due to deep passion and great interest towards it, i found it enjoyable.
the hantaran decorations are nothing extravagant.
i managed to apply the "less is more" principle to my hantaran decorations.

so these are the hantarans for him.

i love the artificial flowers & the pink and white pearls that were used on the bases.
they are beautiful, to my eyes.
also, the shocking pink fabrics.
they are adorable, no?

overall, i am quite happy with the end results / the outcomes.

on the other hand, these are the hantarans from his side.

the decorations were done by his aunty (same aunty who did his engagement hantaran).
i love them all too.
they are very beautiful, especially the white rose petals that they used for the base.

ohh by the way, i still have the bases (both sides) with me.
they are still in good condition and i don't know what to do with them or where to keep them all.
thus, i decided to sell them off at a very cheap price.

if you are interested with them, with the condition that you have to take all of them (both sides), i'm letting them go at rm150 only (for all 9 pink & 7 white bases).
meaning less than rm10 per base.
and that's about quarter of the cost price.

worry less, i'll give you some free gifts e.g. ribbons, pearls, etc. (extras from the wedding) so that you can do some addons and whatnot.

so lovelies, if you are interested with the offer, you know what to do.
send me email at

update: SOLD already!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

wordless wednesday: sisterhood!

room deco

bedroom decorations were done by yours truly.
nothing much, just a moderate shift from A to B.

in fact, i do not fond the typical bridal room decoration.
you know, the one with drapery here and there.
so i decided to settle with modern bedroom look.

this is my bedroom before the makeover.

and before the wedding, it's always looked like this.

haha yes, messy, i know.
yelah kan, there were too many things in progress and all should be completed very quickly because the date was approaching.
and that explains the high level of messy-ness.

it was kinda hard actually to vacate the room to provide space for the new furnitures.
but i've made it!
and of course with many help from the maids and family members.

what i did, i got my room repainted, changed the curtains and the furnitures, bought new bedding sets and a new lamp for bedside table.
the new bedroom sets, which were bought from wescourt, were white in color to complement the wedding theme.
besides, the existing wardrobe, bookrack and towel hangers were also repainted into white.



here's how it looks on the wedding day.
which i am fully satisfied.

how about you?
what do you think?

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

hantaran cake & wedding cake

hantaran cake

for him
2 tiers fondant cake with moist chocolate cake inside
vendor: citarasa ummi
note: the pearls on top are installed by myself.

for her
beautifully designed fondant cake with fruit cake inside
vendor: i'm not sure

wedding cake (for cake cutting ceremony)

at-home reception
2 pieces fondant cakes with moist chocolate cake inside
vendor: citarasa ummi
note: the fresh red roses on top are installed by myself. the original cake looked like in the 2nd pic.
extra note: the cake stand is open for rental at rm20 only. interested, email me at

3 tiers pulut kuning
vendor: specially made by my hubby's talented cousin

at-hotel reception
8 tiers dummy cake
vendor: supplied by the hotel

Sunday, June 26, 2011

wedding official photographer

so finally, i've gotten my wedding pics from the official photographer.
i'm so excited because i've waited for the album for so long.
more than 2 months since the wedding.
but it's normal, especially for this particular photographer.
i never pressured him to deliver his job faster, because i wanted him or his team to do their best.

and he did.

nothing to complaint, he did the job very well.
i must say that he's very talented and enthusiastic, yet down to earth person.

i knew him from my friends.
and i started to 'fall in love' with his style of work during my friend's wedding.
he's very hardworking, knows photography really well and always well prepared.
he got so many experiences in photography and has his own style in every pic that he captured.

he started his career as photographer since 1991.
he once worked with berita publishing until 2006.
after that, he started his own photography business, ikram ismail photography.
so yes, ikram ismail is the chosen one.
anyway, his portfolios can be seen here.

so these are among my favorite shots.

ohh that's a lot of fav shots.
haha i had a hard time choosing the best one.

so bride to bes, get him as your wedding photographer.
highly recommended by me and my friends.

Friday, June 24, 2011


i am now in the mood of sharing details on my custom made guestbook.
so yeayy for that!

this is it.
very simple and humble, yet sweet.

i made 5 copies of this, so that the guests don't have to scramble or line up to write in this book.

what i did, i bought 100 pcs of light purple + 10 pcs of white 230grams laid card papers.
the price is rm30 for 100 pcs / rm0.50 for 1 pc at pustaka rakyat (bookstore).
i also bought 8 pcs of colorful art pens at rm2.50 each.

pic source: kb products

after that, i sent 5 pcs of white laid card to the printer just next to the bookstore to print the cover.
the design on the cover is exactly the same like the design on the invitation cards.
anyway, the price for the high quality printing service is just rm2.50/pc.

pic source: ilikecard

and lastly, i sent them for a normal comb binding which costs me only rm2 for each book.

so rm30 + rm5 + rm12.50 + rm10 = rm57.50 for 5 books.
meaning rm11.50 per book!
murah kan kan kan?

if i was to order personalised guestbook, it will cost me plus minus rm120.
and that's the price for only 1 book, meaning rm600 for 5 books!
memang tak lah kan.

if i was to just straightly buy from the bookstore, say, mph, it will cost me around rm39.90 only.
tapi memang boring lah sebab biasa sangat.

so i opted for the cheapest alternative, but satisfying enough.

thank god i decided to make the guestbooks.
10 years from now, my nephews and nieces will be all grown ups.
but i still can read their cute messages they wrote in the guestbooks.

and other cute messages from friends & family members as well!


Thursday, June 23, 2011

addicted to love!

a day after the wedding, we had a photoshooting session with my favorite photographer, hafiz ismail.
it was an ADDICTED TO LOVE session, well, he names it that way.

the session took place at lake garden, KL.
the place is very nice and it looks even nicer in the pics.

anyway, they have moved.
previously, their office or studio was in shah alam.
and now, their new office cum gallery cum addicted to love base is at solaris dutamas.

so now that they are celebrating the opening of their new place, from 23rd june until 27th, you can enjoy a saving up to 60% for their 1hr addicted to love studio potraiture for only rm99.
but of course, there are terms & conditions.

lovelies, check out the promotion here!