Sunday, June 26, 2011

wedding official photographer

so finally, i've gotten my wedding pics from the official photographer.
i'm so excited because i've waited for the album for so long.
more than 2 months since the wedding.
but it's normal, especially for this particular photographer.
i never pressured him to deliver his job faster, because i wanted him or his team to do their best.

and he did.

nothing to complaint, he did the job very well.
i must say that he's very talented and enthusiastic, yet down to earth person.

i knew him from my friends.
and i started to 'fall in love' with his style of work during my friend's wedding.
he's very hardworking, knows photography really well and always well prepared.
he got so many experiences in photography and has his own style in every pic that he captured.

he started his career as photographer since 1991.
he once worked with berita publishing until 2006.
after that, he started his own photography business, ikram ismail photography.
so yes, ikram ismail is the chosen one.
anyway, his portfolios can be seen here.

so these are among my favorite shots.

ohh that's a lot of fav shots.
haha i had a hard time choosing the best one.

so bride to bes, get him as your wedding photographer.
highly recommended by me and my friends.


Ajan said...

so gorjesss ~~~~ :))) nice sgt!

white purple flower said...

thanks so much ajan :)

with love:zaren said...

hye dear,,,cantek sgt..uploadla pic lg..btw, happy wedding!

white purple flower said...

hi zaren,tak boleh byk2.mcm over pulak :)) thanks!

mama2nur said...

cantek2 gambar dia.. suke!

white purple flower said...

kan kan! :)