Thursday, June 30, 2011

hantaran deco

to prepare the hantaran was honestly a little-to-no stress moment for me.
probably due to deep passion and great interest towards it, i found it enjoyable.
the hantaran decorations are nothing extravagant.
i managed to apply the "less is more" principle to my hantaran decorations.

so these are the hantarans for him.

i love the artificial flowers & the pink and white pearls that were used on the bases.
they are beautiful, to my eyes.
also, the shocking pink fabrics.
they are adorable, no?

overall, i am quite happy with the end results / the outcomes.

on the other hand, these are the hantarans from his side.

the decorations were done by his aunty (same aunty who did his engagement hantaran).
i love them all too.
they are very beautiful, especially the white rose petals that they used for the base.

ohh by the way, i still have the bases (both sides) with me.
they are still in good condition and i don't know what to do with them or where to keep them all.
thus, i decided to sell them off at a very cheap price.

if you are interested with them, with the condition that you have to take all of them (both sides), i'm letting them go at rm150 only (for all 9 pink & 7 white bases).
meaning less than rm10 per base.
and that's about quarter of the cost price.

worry less, i'll give you some free gifts e.g. ribbons, pearls, etc. (extras from the wedding) so that you can do some addons and whatnot.

so lovelies, if you are interested with the offer, you know what to do.
send me email at

update: SOLD already!


~ US *_* ~ said...

ngelat sold kt mak sndri

white purple flower said...

haha yg putih je.yg pink tu mas nak beli :)

skieyn said...

sweet nye hantaran.. the contrast between shocking pink and white.. i love it

white purple flower said...

thanks skieyn :)