Wednesday, June 29, 2011

room deco

bedroom decorations were done by yours truly.
nothing much, just a moderate shift from A to B.

in fact, i do not fond the typical bridal room decoration.
you know, the one with drapery here and there.
so i decided to settle with modern bedroom look.

this is my bedroom before the makeover.

and before the wedding, it's always looked like this.

haha yes, messy, i know.
yelah kan, there were too many things in progress and all should be completed very quickly because the date was approaching.
and that explains the high level of messy-ness.

it was kinda hard actually to vacate the room to provide space for the new furnitures.
but i've made it!
and of course with many help from the maids and family members.

what i did, i got my room repainted, changed the curtains and the furnitures, bought new bedding sets and a new lamp for bedside table.
the new bedroom sets, which were bought from wescourt, were white in color to complement the wedding theme.
besides, the existing wardrobe, bookrack and towel hangers were also repainted into white.



here's how it looks on the wedding day.
which i am fully satisfied.

how about you?
what do you think?


mama2nur said...

cantek.. make over rumah aku plak :p

white purple flower said...

rumah kau dah okay jadi tukar langsir x?

mama2nur said...

rumah yg kosong tu ok? langsir da jahit last week, tp lom jahit bawah sbb tertinggal ukuran kat rumah masa blik kg :p sekali lagi blik, insyaAllah siap la..

white purple flower said...

kosong la bagus.byk space.n modern style mmg tak byk brg n lebih space.ohh mak ke yg jahit.

mama2nur said...

oo tidak.. mestilah aku yg jahit.. tapi langsir tegak je la.. tak de ropol2..

white purple flower said...

ohh pandai jahit rupenye -_-

~ US *_* ~ said...

nape br tau kakak pndai jahit?

white purple flower said...

ntah lah.patutnye tak pandai.

mama2nur said...

eh semua langsir kt rumah tu aku la jahit (keculi langsir 1st masuk rumah).. sbb tu semua tegak je.. bak kate mak, kalau bole awak keter, mesti boleh menjahitnye.. :p mane tak tercabar..

white purple flower said...

xpe.ropol2 dah outdated pun.kalau boleh bawak kete manual,barulah boleh menjahit.sbb kena control tangan ngan kaki patutlah aku x boleh jahit.