Thursday, September 9, 2010

online friendship

in my opinion, online friend is just as good as a real friend.
i have quite a few number of friends which i knew over the internet.
most of them are from health & beauty forum that i joined since 2003.
i was an active forumer back then.
but not now since i don't have much time to join into the discussions.
these days, i logged into the forum at the average of once per month je.

i still keep in touch with a few of them via facebook.
i've met some of them in real world.
and some have now became my customers.

my online friends are no less important to me than my "real life" friends.
some of them are even closer to me than my "real life" friends.

yesterday, i've received a package from cocos island, australia.
i didn't shock as the sender had informed me earlier that she was sending me something for my birthday present.
but i never thought that she was sending me that big package with so many things inside.

thank you so much kak hamidah for the wonderful presents.
it's very kind of you.

anyway, kak hamidah is one of tenun kapas' customers which i knew over the internet.
haha i know i know.
nothing to do with the forum's friend which i told earlier haha.
that one was solely an introduction to this entry on online friendship haha.

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