Monday, March 14, 2011

matta fair 2011

me & my fiance went to matta fair 2011 on sunday, yesterday, march 13th.
luckily my friend had warned me on the heavy traffic around pwtc area.
so we decided to park his car at sentul lrt station and took lrt from there to pwtc.

it has been a while since the last time i use public transport.
i traveled using public transport practically everyday during my stay in germany.
ohh i missed germany so much (off topic).
can't wait to have an mrt station at saujana impian, kajang.
ceh macam lah nak naik, but it is just too near to my house.
saje je nak excited.

managed to get a 3d2n flight & ground package to kuching, sarawak.
we were there for 4 hours before i decided to grab that package.

ohh i hate crowded places.
there were just so many ppl, i can't think straight.
i couldn't use my mind effectively.
too many choices so it was harder for me to decide on which is the best deal.
and it was difficult for me to make a research in a very short period and just by using his iphone.
the screen was too small, ohh maybe i need an ipad (hint).

initial plan was to have a beach escapade since i love snorkeling and would enjoy watching undersea views.
but with the tsunami things that just happened, i tried to stay away from beaches, or islands to be exact.

i have never been to kuching or any part of sarawak before.
another reason for why i chose sarawak.

can anyone provide me info on what are the top hotspots and tourist destinations in kuching, sarawak?
ohh tau boleh google, saja gedik tanya sini macamlah ada orang nak jawab.

jakun naik lrt

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