Tuesday, June 29, 2010

keeping my life organized


my ayah
- practical, traditional, and organized.
- not interested in theory unless he sees the practical application.
- has clear visions of the way things should be.
- hard-working.
- likes to be in charge.
- exceptionally capable in organizing and running activities.
- "Good citizens" who values security and peaceful living.

my mama
- warm-hearted.
- tends to put the needs of others over her own needs.
- feels strong sense of responsibility and duty.
- values traditions and security.
- interested in serving others.
- needs positive reinforcement to feel good about themselves.

me myself
- do not like conflict, and not likely to do things which may generate conflict.
- loyal and faithful.
- extremely well-developed senses, and aesthetic appreciation for beauty.
- flexible.
- likely to be original and creative.
- enjoy the present moment.

am i more like my dad or mom? :-?

honestly, there are attributes of my ayah and mama that i really wanted to have.
above all are "to be a more organized person" like my ayah and "to be a warm-hearted person" like my mama.

right now, i'm trying to increase my organization by doing certain activities that i think might help.
i try to make those activities as my habits in order to become "naturally" organized person.

examples of those activities are:
- to take care of things; sort through the mails, receipts, etc. e.g. junks go into the bin, bills go into a proper file to be handled during my regular bill-paying time, answer or delete emails as appropriate.
- spend a few hours each day (or at least each week) cleaning up my workspace; put everything in its proper place e.g. filing cabinets.
- always carry a notepad and a pen with me to jot down any important things, ideas, to do things, etc.

but, there's a thing that i really have to do tapi susah sangat nak disiplin.
to record my expenses!
i did record my expenses during my 1st few months back then in germany.
but then slowly i stopped doing that sebab malas and memang selalu tak consistent pun.
actually it really helps in controlling my expenses and to make sure that i tak over-budget.
i wanted to start over but, you know, things like "okay i'll start tomorrow, or maybe next week, or next month, or how about next year mm", got it?

people can't learn to be organized overnight.
well, building or breaking any habit takes time.
but, at first, you have to force yourself to do something.
and after a few weeks, you'll start doing it more naturally.

so, caiyok aishah.

kita mulakan dengan beli organizer..

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