Wednesday, June 30, 2010

seputeh kapas spa

siapa suka pergi spa?
me me!
sangat suka sampai tahap cinta, okay.
aishah loves spa-ing ^-^ ngee

just realized that i never blogged about my spa before.
i've tried to make this entry very casual and informal as i can.
tapi still bunyi macam iklan, maafkan daku.

(pics taken from Seputeh Kapas Spa's website)

Seputeh Kapas Spa.
we are now operated at Sungai Merab Luar, Bdr Baru Bangi, Selangor.
the spa concept is affordable luxury which combines spa treatments and home environment.

we strive to provide the best services at affordable rates while maintaining our signature quality.
pls note that we never compromise quality to bring down the price of our treatments.
frankly, at Seputeh Kapas Spa, guests will definitely get more than they pay for.

anyway, the spa is a women-only spa.
so ladies, don't worry of being seen by men while inappropriately dressed.

whether you are after beautiful skin, a relaxing massage, or just some time spent being pampered, you can simply relax, rejuvenate, take pleasure and enjoy the soothing spa experience at Seputeh Kapas Spa.

for more information, visit online at or contact us at 03-89221513.

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