Wednesday, April 4, 2012

shazwani hamid's birthday bash (part 1)

hi girls, this entry is somewhat outdated already.
actually there are so much things that i wanted to write down in this blog, but due to my lazy-ness, i have neglected my blog for quite some time & i'm very sorry for that.

anyway, last january was shazwani hamid's birthday & she also got engaged on the same month.
so, me & my friends who are also her blog readers decided to do a small private party for her.
it started with a facebook's message which i sent to the girls from the victorian themed tea party organized by wani last time.

so they agree & the first thing that we did was to decide on when to hold the party.
there were 9 of us & i want all 9 to be there.
finally, we chose 26th february since that's the only date that which everyone can come.

so yeah, the party was a success!
we asked sheila (wani's brother's girlfriend) to help us in getting wani to the party.
she did a great job that wani didn't have a single clue about it until she saw us saying "surprised!"
anyway wani blogged about it here.

we got 3 weeks to plan & do everything.
luckily i got supportive friends with me which made things went easier.

and below is the summary of our plan.

Surprise Engagement cum Birthday Celebration for Wany

Date, Day: 26th February 2012, Sunday
Time: 12.00pm (pls be there at 10am)
Venue: The Garden Cafe, Alamanda

1) Wany - our guest
2) Sheila - our guest
3) Aishah
4) Ayna
5) Yati
6) Zuen
7) Shikin
8) Nurul
9) Raisya
10) Afra
11) Lina

Program Itinerary:
-Welcoming speech
-Enjoy our foods
-A little game
-Cake cutting
-Personal speech
-Group photo
-Party ends

Tasks, Roles & Responsibilities:
1) Aishah - book venue, order foods, order & collect cake, collect money, prepare props & deco (deco inc. banner, balloons, balloon sticks, name tags, corsage, etc.)
2) Ayna - be a middle person to communicate with sheila & update her abt our plan & program
3) Yati - give advice on menu, take charge for our game slot (plan n host)
4) Zuen - help yati for the game slot
5) Shikin - prepare stuff for present (background paper, printed pics, cute accessories e.g. buttons, ribbons; aishah will provide colored magic pens)
6) Nurul - prepare welcoming speech, be the host of the day
7) Raisya - nurul's partner/back up plan
8) Afra -
9) Lina - our photographer of the day

wani arrived at the party a lil bit late since she was overslept.
so we decided to cancel the little game slot since some of us need to get back home & go somewhere else after the party.
but nevermind, it was still a success & we still had fun.
good ambience, good friends, good foods, good laughs.. everything was in place i think.

i love these girls so much because they are so sweet & we all got something in common.
i wish we can have another meet up later & please know that i'd always love to be the organizer!
haha, as much as i love to get involve in wedding or engagement party, i also love to do or take part in this kind of event.

story about the little party can be read here, here, here & here.

pictures will be in part 2 :)

to be continued...


mIZz *.* aYNa said...

you should be event organizer aishah, you're very good with planning stuff!!! @_@ it was a very nice surprise indeed ^_~

white purple flower said...

Ohh thanks ayna! But I can't work with others because I prefer to do everything my wayy. Nanti bergaduh dengan client :p