Wednesday, April 4, 2012

shazwani hamid's birthday bash (part 2)

this is a continuation of shazwani hamid's birthday bash (part 1).

you've read the stories in part 1, so now i present you the pictures from the party!
i actually have hundreds of pics with me, thanks to the photographers, lina & also shikin for bringing their cameras & even tripod to the party.

well, enjoy the pics!

finding ideas

choosing pictures

getting the present done

everyone takes part

this task seems easy, but it is not!

name tagging

the backdrop

the little notes

the finished artwork

the garden salad

marinara spaghetti

garlic breads

the garden sandwich

fixing our shawls

the beautiful setting

the crews

showing off our corsages

group photo

some more group photo

with zuen & afra

chit chatting while waiting for wani



still speechless?

giving out birthday gift

posing with the custom made poster

cake cutting

balloons balloons!

girl power!


iedchan said...

wahhh comelnye..and sweet okayyy..heheh...beknye krg buat kan besday bash..

white purple flower said...

Thanks iedchan :)