Tuesday, January 3, 2012

family trip to port dickson (part 1)

so last week we went to port dickson for 2 nights.

we stayed at the eagle ranch resort.
we chose to stay there because we knew that the place provides a concept which is different from others.
and we thought of escaping ourselves from reality & enjoy the american mid-western fantasy of cowboys, horses & bandwagons.

however, things were not like what we imagined.
the overall concept was there, but the place was not properly maintained.
and know what, we didn't even use the 'facilities' that were provided by them.
i'm sorry but i don't feel like sharing details about the resort with you girls.
i am not happy with the place, but overall, we had fun throughout our trip!

ouh, i suddenly don't feel like continuing my writings.
i just remembered that my brother in law told me that my favorite 'daiso' has been opened at the mines
so i thought of paying a visit :)

till part 2!


Qaseh Chempaka said...

br blk dr PD jugak.. 31/12-02/01/12 :)

white purple flower said...

The nearest holiday destination for klang valley-ans :)